Unitarian Church of Atlanta – Meeting Minutes, Nov 12, 1907 (Old Church Windows, Financial Details)

Nov 12, 1907

MEETING of the Board of Trustees held at the residence of Mr. J.C. Peck on Tuesday evening Nov.12th, 1907.

Meeting called to order at 8:10 Chairman Peck presiding. In the absence of Clerk Harding, W.M. Francis acted as Secretary pro tem.

Members present Messrs. Moore, Peck, Bowser, Watts, Perkins and Francis.

Moved and carried that the minutes of the previous meeting be dispensed with.

Mr. Moore reported Behre having advised that there was a chance to dispose of the old windows from old church building. On motion by Mr. Moore, Watts seconding, Mrs. Behre was constituted a committee of one to make the best possible disposition of them.

The matter of disposing of the present Church property was discussed at some length and Moore with Dr. Bowser were to receive such proposition from Real Estate firms as they might offer. The sense of the meeting being that $10,000 would be a figure at which it would be well to take action looking to a change in ownership.

Mr. Francis presented the matter of insurance the policy having expired on the 9th inst. Francis was authorized to renew policy for five years the premium to be on basis of three years cost or $60.15 the policy being for $3,600.

Bills to the amount of $3.95 were presented by Property Committee which were ordered paid. Property Committee was instructed to purchase coal and wood in their discretion.

Dr. Bowser announced his purpose to select the first Sunday in each month for receiving new members into the Church.

General discussion in connection with reference to Music and Advisory Committee followed.

The report of Treasurer showed total collections to date to have been $399.75 with expenditures of $174.40 leaving balance on hand $338.35 (Copy of report attached)

There being no further business meeting adjourned 9:25 P.M.
W.M. Francis, Clerk pro tem.

Report of Treasurer, Unitarian Church, Nov 12, 1907


Balance on hand, July 23rd, 1907 $37.52
Collections to Oct. 1st on last report $99.25
Oct 6  Mr. Lederle $25.00
Oct 8  Mr. Douglas $12.50
 Mr. Watts $12.50
Oct 12  Mr. Bowle $5.00
Oct 13  J.G. St. Amand $25.00
 W.M. Francis $1.00
 K.F. Govan $1.00
 Collection $7.85
 Oct 20  Mrs. Govan $12.50
 Mr. Francis $1.00
 Wade Harding .50
 D.E. Spencer $1.55
 Collection $6.99
 Oct 27  D.E. Spencer $2.00
 Mrs. Govan $1.00
 Mrs. Whaley $1.00
 Mrs. Gardner .50
 W. Harding .50
 Collection $4.56
 Nov 3  Mr. Francis $2.00
 Mrs. Govan $1.00
 W. Harding .50
 D.E. Spencer $2.00
 Mr. Wells $3.00
 Collection (by hand) .30
 Nov 10  Mr. Francis $10.00
 Mrs. Govan $1.00
 Mrs. Whately $1.00
 Mrs. Whately $1.00
 Mrs. Gardner .50
 D.E. Spencer $2.00
 Collections $6.90
 Nov 8  Mr. Moore $25.00
 Earl Moore $10.00
 Nov 11  American Unitarian Association Collection $83.33
 Unaccounted for .50
Total Receipts to Nov 12th 1907 $399.75


Jul 23 – Oct 1  Water & Light $3.20
Oct 9  Moncreif Furnace Co. $8.70
 Oct 10  Ga. Ry. & Elect Co. .90
 F.T. Payne, T.C. .60
 Oct 14  H.S. Gibson, Janitor $1.00
 Oct 21  H.S. Gibson, Janitor $1.50
 Oct 28  H.S. Gibson, Janitor $2.00
 Nov 1  Telegram Printing Co. $4.00
 Mrs. T.A. Burke, Music $7.50
 Mr. Erwin Mueller $7.50
 Mrs. Lederle $4.50
 Rev. A.T. Bowser $125.00
 Nov 4  H.G. Gibson $1.75
 Nov 11  H.G. Gibson $1.75
 Ga. Ry. & Elect Co. .90
 F.T. Payne, T.C. .60
Total Disbursements $174.40
Balance on Hand Atlanta National Bank $228.35

Respectfully submitted,


T.C. Perkins, Treasurer

Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 26   Folder: 02  Book: 02  Pages: 248 – 248
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

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