Rev. Rush to Fill Pulpit at Atlanta Unitarian Church in Atlanta


The pulpit of the Atlanta Unitarian church is to be filled during the coming year by Rev. Rush R. Shippen, who, after a year in Europe, has returned ready for work. Seeing that he was ordained and settled in Chicago fifty-seven years ago, it is not strange that he had thought of retiring from the active work of the ministry. But after more than half a century of continuous and successful service in Chicago, Worcester, as secretary of the Unitarian Association, and minister at Washington and Brockton, it is not strange that his services should still be required, so long as he continues to show himself as capable as ever of doing good work.

Being still vigorous in mind and body, missionary work in a Southern city with its genial climate will be to him more restful than idleness. Rev. William P. Tilden, who had passed the time when men commonly retire from active work, took a Southern parish. Of him it was said after he was seventy-five years of age, “We would ask nothing better than to be ministered to by that old saint as long as he lives.”

Source: The Christian Register found in Google Books, Vol. 85, No. 28, Sep 13, 1906, Page: 27 (1063)

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