Rev. George Leonard Chaney (1836-1922) Obituary – Jun 8, 1922

He Helped to Found Tuskegee

George L. Chaney also was he prime factor in the birth of Georgia Institute of Technology

At the annual meeting of the Laymen’s League of the Unitarian church in Jacksonville, Fla., attention was called to the recent death of Rev. George L. Chaney, for many years the efficient and well-remembered Secretary for the South of the American Unitarian Association.  There was general expression of high regard and admiration for his character and his faithful and still fruitful service for the Unitarian churches of the section of the country.  Mr. Lawrence S. Brigham, who had know Mr. Chaney both in Boston and in the South, spoke warmly of his arduous work, and the beauty of his genial and self-sacrificing character, calling attention especially to his agency in founding the Georgia Institute of Technology, and his self-sacrificing work in establishing the Unitarian church in Atlanta.  “His vigorous work for the churches of the South,” said Mr. Brigham, “at a time when that work was heroic and almost lonely, has borne fruit throughout the whole section.  In this local chapter we can still feel the influence of his <mastly (cannot read text)> efforts.

“Mr. Chaney’s work in the South was no less strenuous and fruitful for education.  In industrial education, especially, he was a pioneer.  He helped to found the Tuskegee Institute, and labored long for its endowment.  He became president of it board of trustees, and dedicated its first completed building.  He also helped to establish schools at several other points, for both black and white pupils.  His name will be in perpetual remembrance throughout the South, as an honored exponent and servant of liberal and practical Christianity.”

Source:  The Christian Register found in Google Books June 8, 1922 – Page 551