Index: Women’s Mission Circle Jan 1897 to 1899

Index to Universalist Women’s Mission Circle Meeting Minutes from Jan 1897 to 1899.  The Women’s Mission Circle was formed in 1897 two year after the re-establishment of the Universalist Church in Atlanta.

Status: Mar 2017 – Meeting Minutes for 1897 uploaded

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1897.03.07Mar 7, 1897 MoM - Women's Mission Circle. Initial organizational meeting. Adoption of constitution and by-laws used by other Mission Circles. List of members provided in meeting minutes.6002
1897.03.15Mar 15, 1897 MoM - Women's Mission Circle. Make arrangements for women's service to be held the following week. Committee appointed.6002
1897.04.12Apr 12, 1897 MoM - Women's Mission Circle. Detailed listing of amendments to the base constitution adopted by the society on Mar 7, 1897.6002
1897.05.10May 10, 1897 MoM - Women's Mission Circle. Reports from various committees such as Benevolent, Flower etc.6002
1897.06.14Jun 14, 1897 MoM - Women's Mission Circle. Meeting was held at the Grand Opera House. Reported that social held to raise money towards the Circle's $50.00 pledge to the church general operating fund raised $28.50. Reports for the Benevolent and Hospitality Committee given. Rev. McGlauflin, minister of the Universalist Church, was present at the meeting. 6002
1897.08.09Aug 9, 1897 MoM - Women's Mission Circle. Reports from various committees provided. Also reported that small amount of additional money ($1.50) had had been raised by the Experience Social held in June 1897 bring the total of money provided by the Circle to the church operating fund to $30.00 of its $50.00 pledge. Reference to report by the Woman’s Centenary Association made in the meeting.6002
1897.09.13Sep 13, 1897 MoM - Women's Mission Circle. The monthly meeting of the Mission Circle met at the Good Templars Hall. This hall was use by the Universalists for Sunday service absent having a physical church building. The meeting mentions coorespondence received from the the Woman’s National Centenary Association. It is noted that the Atlanta society is a "local" and not a "state" Mission Circle. A summary of Rev. McGlauflin remarks on the history of the Mission Society. There is a closing comment at the end of the meeting minutes noting the death of the Mrs. McGlauflin, the wife of the minister.6002
1897.10.11Oct 11, 1897 MoM - Women's Mission Circle. Committee reports provided. Final arrangements for second Experience Social of the year to raise money to meet Mission Circle's $50.00 pledge to the church's general operating fund. National society (Mrs. Sherwood) expresses sympathy for the loss of Mrs. McGlauflin (died Sep 1897, minister's wife). Motion made and carried to craft suitable resolutions honoring Mrs. McGlauflin.6002
1897.11.17Nov 17, 1897 MoM - Women's Mission Circle. Detailed report on funds raised and dues paid. Flower committee notes those you were honored on All Souls Day. Discussion on starting a Lucy Sibley McGlauflin fund for charity. The meeting minutes provide the complete resolution written to honor Mrs. Lucy Sibley the wife of the minister Rev. McGlauflin who died on September 19, 1897.6002
1897.12.10Dec 12, 1897 MoM - Women's Mission Circle. Treasurer report that the Circle had $27.35 on hand. Reports from committees. New members approved. There was a discussion of Christmas celebration traditions. The topic for the next meeting was Japan.6002

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