Healthy Merger in Atlanta between Unitarian and Universalist Churches

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Healthy Merger in Atlanta

ATLANTA, GA.—Liberal Christian Church, Rev. Dr. G. I. Keirn: So much has happened in the Atlanta church the past year that it is hard to know where a report of events should begin. The Unitarian church and the Universalist church have merged into the Liberal Christian Church of Atlanta, and have taken on new life and vitality. Dr. G. I. Keirn took the pastorate about December 15, and has spent his first three months in reorganizing and rejuvenating. The church attendance is growing every Sunday.

The first meeting of the Sunday-school showed a very small attendance. Robert L. Merker took the superintendency and the school is increasing in numbers every week. The music committee, composed of J. V. Hollingsworth, Mrs. Hanson Jones, and Mrs. Hamilton Douglas, set about the organization of a choir. As a result a choir has been formed and the song services of the church are being greatly improved.

Dr. Eliot paid the church a visit on March 9. After services he met the men of the church, discussed plans of the future, and inspired all who heard him by the breadth of his vision for liberal Christianity in this community. All the affairs of the church are booming. There is a feeling of confidence among all members that the church is in for better times.

Source: The Christian Register found in Google Books, Vol. 98, No. 16, Apr 17, 1919, Page: 21 (381)