Dedication of the Church of Our Father

 The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) ·  Thu, Apr 24, 1884 ·  Page 5

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) · Thu, Apr 24, 1884 · Page 5


The Church of Our Father, on Church Street, Formally Dedicated.

The Church of Our Father on Church street, was dedicated last night, and notwithstanding the unfavorable weather, a large congregation was present to witness the impressive services.

The services were conducted by clergymen from Charleston, New Orleans, Washington, D.C. and Atlanta. The dedication sermon was preached by the Rev Rush R. Shippen, of Washington, D. C. It was a forcible and persuasive presentation of the type of Christianity which Unitarians represent. Mr. Shippen throughout his discourse showed a due respect for all other religious sects. Among the topics upon which he treated were practical Christianity, the doing of Christ’s commandments as more important than having correct speculative views of his nature, was declared to be a leading characteristic of his church. The fatherhood of God; human brotherhood; the worth and promise of human nature; the value of the present life.

The church whose beauty has been so much admired was made doubly attractive by its exquisite floral decoration. The Easter trimmings were retained and a wreath of bright flowers were added for the occasion.

Mr. Chaney announced that there would be special services in the church on Thursday morning and evening, beginning with a devotional services at 9 a. m. At 10 that day a southern conference of Unitarian and other Christian churches would be formed and the best methods of religious work would be discussed by the ministers and delegates present. At the evening meeting, beginning at half past seven, addresses would be made by Rev. Messrs. Allen, Browne, Thayer, Shippen and Carney upon the religious principles that seem to them most important at the present time. The public were cordially invited to attend the meeting.

 The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) ·  Thu, Apr 24, 1884 ·  Page 5

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