Formation of the Southern Conference of Unitarian and Other Christian Churches

Atlanta —The new Unitarian chapel in Atlanta, Ga., was dedicated on Wednesday evening, April 23, with a sermon by R. R. Shippen, of Washington, D. C. Revs. C. A. Allen, of New Orleans, E. C. L. Browne, of Charleston, S. C, G. A. Thayer, of Cincinnati, took part in the exercises, and the pastor, Rev. G. L. Chaney, offered the prayer of dedication. Mr. Shippen preached from I. Peter, 3:15, “The Church of the Living God,” explaining eloquently the distinctive ideas of the Unitarian Church.

On Thursday morning, after prayer meeting led by Rev. Mr. Browne, Rev. Mr. Shippen was appointed chairman, and the Southern Conference of Unitarian and other Christian Churches was organized. The following Constitution and Board of Officers was subsequently reported and adopted:


To promote acquaintance and co-operation between the Unitarian churches already existing in the South; to extend toward other Christian churches our brotherly sympathy; to devise means tor the friendly correspondence and so far as possible the religious conference and comfort of our scattered fellow believers, and to prepare ourselves for such opportunities of united religious service as shall be opened to us in the future development of this portion of our common country, we unite to form the Southern Conference of Unitarian and other Christian Churches.

The officers of this Conference shall he a President, three Vice-Presidents, a Secretary and Treasurer, and a board of nine Directors, who shall perform the duties usually appertaining to these offices. An annual meeting shall be held and other meetings whenever deemed necessary and practicable to the officers. The officers shall he elected at the annual meeting, and shall hold office until others are elected in their place.


  • President: A. B. Rose, M. D. of Charleston
  • Vice-Presidents: J.M. Gould, of New Orleans; F. G, Bromberg, of Mobile; J. A. Burns, of Atlanta.
  • Secretary and Treasurer: J. Russell Hodge, of Atlanta.
  • Directors—Alva Gage, Mrs. M. E. Mills, Rev. E. C. L. Browne, Charleston; W. H. Snowden, Mrs. A. N. Gude, Rev. G. L. Chaney, Atlanta; W. Palfrey, Mrs. Chas. Holloway, Rev. C A. Allen, New Orleans.

Rev. Mr. Thayer gave an account of the excellent work that had been done in the Cincinnati church by corresponding with scattered Unitarians in the Western States and supplying them with religious reading.

Other reports were made of work which had been done during the past year. Rev. Mr. Parker, of the Congregationalist church of Atlanta, was called upon and made an excellent speech. In the evening addresses were made by the visiting ministers. An interesting letter descriptive of the dedication, from Mr. Thayer of Cincinnati, will be found on another page.

Source:  Unity found in Google Books  May 16, 1884, Volume XIII, Page 118-119


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