Church of our Father Property Sold 1889 (AUA Director’s Meeting)

Director’s Meeting of the American Unitarian Association, 25 Beacon Street, Boston

“The treasurer presented a communication from the trustees of the Church of our Father, Atlanta, Ga., announcing the sale of the church property; and the treasurer was authorized to convey the property to the purchasers.

The secretary present the resolutions of the society in Atlanta, as follow : –

At a meeting of the Church of our Father of Atlanta, Ga. Held Sept 26, 1899, which meeting was called for the purpose of acting on the sale of the property owned by this organization in 1883 to the present time, by the American Unitarian Association, and desiring to meet the wishes of said American Unitarian Association in the disposition of the property held by them for use of the Atlanta Parish, —

Resolved, That the members as a body of the Church of our Father, by vote in a meeting called for the purpose Sept. 25, 1899, do hereby ratify and confirm the sale of the lot, corner of Church and Forsyth Streets, fifty-five feet by one hundred and thirty-nine feet, more or less, including all buildings thereon, to the trustees of the Carnegie Free Library for twenty thousand five hundred dollars ($20,500) cash upon acceptance of titles, it being understood that said sale shall net the American Unitarian Association twenty thousand dollars ($20,000).

Resolved, That the entire proceeds of said sale of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) be turned over to the American Unitarian Association absolute, and in doings so the members of the Atlanta Parish ask that the directors of the American Unitarian Association appropriate of said proceeds of the sale five hundred dollars ($500) to pay off the present floating indebtedness of the parish, and eight thousand five hundred dollars ($8,500), ar as much thereof as may be needed to purchase a suitable site and erect a church building thereon.

Resolved,  That the Atlanta Parish asks, in order that the membership may feel that they have an interest in a permanent home, that the American Unitarian Association, on completion of the new church edifice, deed the property to the Church of our Father, incorporating in said conveyance, should the organization in Atlanta at any time agree to disband and give up the church movement, that the property shale at once revert to the American Unitarian Association.

Resolved, That the clerk be instructed to forward a copy of these resolutions to the secretary of the American Unitarian Association.

After discussion of the communication it was

Voted, That the treasurer be authorized to pay $500 to the Church of our Father in Atlanta out of the proceeds of the sale of the property now held in Atlanta by the Association, and that it is the purpose of the board to give the Church of our Father, under such conditions as are embodied in certain resolutions passed by them, whatever sum is realized from the sale above the claim of the Association.

Source: Unitarian Word and Work – Volume II. No. 2 found in Google Books –  October 20, 1889 Page 15

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