Church of Our Father – Meeting Minutes of Mar 11, 1903 (Attendance for Dr. Slicer, Minister Salary)

Atlanta, Ga., March 11, 1903

A called meeting of the Board of Trustees, was held at the residence of J.G. St. Amand, this evening.

Present: Messrs. Moore, Russell, Crafts, Watts, St. Amand, Harding and Msdmns. Berry and Daniels.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

The Clerk reported the attendance at Dr. Slicer’s meetings as follows:

March 22 – morning 140 / night 125
March 23 – 100
March 24 – 165
March 25 – 160

The Sunday attendance as follows:
March 1 – 44
March 8 – morning 50 / night 18

The Treasurer report was as follows:

Amount due Treasurer for advances Feb17:  $20.61
Disbursements from Feb 17, 1903 to Mar 11, 1903: $78.90
Total: $99.51

Receipts from Feb 17, 1903 to Mar 11, 1903: $78.50
Amount due Treasurer for advancements: $21.01

Mrs. Berry of the music committee reported that the service books were in such condition that it would be necessary to have them rebound. The Committee was given further time, and requested to see what would be the cost of rebinding the books, and report at the next meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Mr. Crafts moved that the committee appointed to look after repairing seats be continued, and requested to have the work done as early as possible.

Chairman Moore stated that the meeting was called a week earlier at the request of Rev. Mr. Langston, who wanted to ask the Board of Trustees if some means could not be devised by which his salary would be more promptly paid. A general discussion was entered into by all present, the envelope system was discussed and Mrs. Berry one of the oldest members in the church, stated that years ago the envelope system had been tried and proved very unsatisfactory.

The ladies present who are members of the Ladies Alliance were asked whether the Alliance could assist in collecting the subscriptions, and they reported that all members of the Alliance were so busily engaged that they could not undertake the matter.

The Board of Trustees as a body pledged themselves to do everything in their power to see that the minister’s salary in future is more promptly paid, and they assured the minister that while the church is sometimes a little tardy in paying, that his salary will be paid.

The Board realizes that church subscription are moral obligations, and to be too insistent in pressing collections, would tend to affront most people, so for that reason they think that the policy adopted by Mr. St. Amand is the wisest ant best for the interest of the Church, as Mr. St. Amand, stated that of the amount subscribed for the year 1902, every dollar had been paid, except $10.00, which he is assured will be paid by April 1st.

Mr. St. Amand stated that the church was in a healthier con­dition today than it has been at anytime since its organization, and all that is needed is the addition of a few more members which we have every reason to believe will be added during the year to bring about the necessary relief.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned.


J.E. Harding, Clerk

Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 26   Folder: 02  Book: 02 Pages: 174 – 175
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

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