Church of Our Father – Meeting Minutes Nov 5, 1894 (Annual Meeting)

Atlanta, Ga. Nov 5, 1894
Annual Meeting of the Church of Our Father. A quorum of members being present, the Clerk called the meeting to order at 8 o’clock p.m. and Mr. Geo. H. Crafts was elected Chairman.

The minutes of the last annual meeting and two special meetings were read and approved.

On motion the Chair was instructed to appoint a nominating committee of three persons. The chair appointed: J.E. Harding, Mrs. Theo. Schumann and Julius R. Watts.

The Clerk then read the resignation of the Board of Trustees with a recommendation that the church elect a new board to consist of five members elected for 1 – 2, 3 – 4 and 5 years. This was signed by Messrs. J.E. Harding, H.D. McCutcheon, T.N. Winslow, Geo. H. Crafts, Charles H. Behre and T.H. Kennedy.

Voted to accept the resignation and adopt the recommendation.

The Clerk then presented his report which was order to be placed on file.

The Treasurer reported his receipts and disbursements for the year past which was referred to a special auditing committee consisting of Messrs. Schumann, Menken and Harlan Daniels.

The Pastor then presented his report reviewing the year’s work and making suggestions for the future work which was ordered on file.

The several Standing Committees presented their annual reports which were placed on file.

The recommendation of the Ways and Means Committee that a weekly system of payments be established was adopted. Also that the minister’s salary be fixed a $1,200 for the current year.

The nominating committee presented the following named person to fill the offices for the coming year.

  • Treasurer – Frank Lederle
  • Clerk – H.M. Currier
  • Trustee 1 year – T.N. Winslow
  • Trustee 2 years – J.E. Harding
  • Trustee 3 years – Geo. H. Crafts
  • Trustee 4 years – Theo. Schumann
  • Trustee 5 years – Jno. C. Peck
  • The Advisory Committee – Mrs. C.H. Behre, Mr. R.W. Webster and Rev. W.R. Cole ex officio

On ballot the above nominations were unanimously confirmed.

The Superintendent of Sunday School presented a report which was accompanied with a report form Mr. Winslow upon the organization of the Boy’s Debating Club.

Mrs. Schumann presented a report from the Woman’s Auxiliary.

Mr. Crafts from the Liberal Church League.

Mr. Theo Schumann reported for the Fortnightly Club.

All the above reports accepted and ordered to be placed on file.

In the Clerk’s and Pastor’s reports were found recommendations to amend the constitution and by-laws of the church which were referred to a Special Committee consisting of Cole, Currier and Mrs. Swift.

Mr. Crafts presented a report from the Library Committee which was also referred to the Trustees.

No further business appearing, an invitation was extended to all present to partake of refreshments provided by the ladies and the meeting adjourned.

H.M. Currier, Clerk,

Physical Archive: UUCA   Box: 25   Folder: 03   Book: 01   Pages: 185 – 186
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

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