Church of our Father – Meeting Minutes Jul 23, 1884 (Library Open Hours)

Atlanta, Ga. July 23, 1884
Reception Room, Church of Our Father (Ch. Of O.F.) 5 pm.
Meeting of members of Church of Our Father.

Prayer by Rev. Mr. Chaney.

Present: Mesdames Morrill, Chaney, Snowden, Fisher, Grigsby, Gude, Center, Lederle, and Miss Centers.

Messrs. Hodge, Lederle, Morely, Burris, Gude and Klingelsmith.

Mr. Hodge was called to the chair.

Minutes of previous meeting read and accepted.

Report was called for by the Committee on Incorporation. The Secretary was called upon to read and order of incorporation.  It was approved.

It was moved that officers be elected for the ensuing year.

It was moved that the Secretary be appointed to cast the ballot of the church for its officers.  Adopted.

The following were elected to serve as the officers and trustees of the church for the following year – Board of Trustees.

Messrs. Snowden, Fisher, Lederle, Norrman, Gude.  Treasurer, Hodge.


J.M. Klingelsmith, Secretary

Mr. Chaney read the general invitation to the National Unitarian Conference to be held at Saratoga in September.

The following delegates were elected to attend the convention:  Mesdames Chaney and Morrill and Rev. Mr. Chaney.

Moved that the library be opened on Sunday afternoon between the hours of 4 and during the close of the church from Aug 1st to Oct 1st covering the vacation of Mr. and Mrs. Chaney.  Adopted.

Remarks were then made by Rev. Mr. Chaney regarding the work of the Ladies Auxiliary Committee in which he called their attention of the need at the Industrial Home and hoped they would give it such help as they could and visit it and encourage it.

He also hoped that they would rapidly further the grand work just started of founding lending libraries and also give through the mails and in person any information regarding religious subject in the their power to those who might inquire.  He also hoped that they would maintain the steady interest in the welfare of the Parish Library to which he hoped we would materially add to during his vacation and this continue in growth one of our most important factors of Christian Civilization.

Meeting adjourned.

Physical Archive: UUCA   Box: 25   Folder: 02   Book: 01   Pages: 127 – 129
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA


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