Camp and Conference Center Newsletter (December 8, 1979)

Volume 1, number 4                           December 8, 1979

Announcing the One and Only Anyone Can Play Camp and Conference Center Naming Contest

Whether you’ve seen it in person, or only in your imagination, our beautiful mountain-top camp and conference center, covered with oaks, surrounded by breathtaking views, rushing waters, national forests, and located in Highlands, N.C., needs a name. So be creative. The name could be connected with our Unitarian Universalist faith, geographic location, history, a symbol of nature, or a clever combination of all of these.



  • One entry per person.
  • No age limit.
  • Entries will be reduced to 10 by the Contest Committee.
  • Final vote on these 10 will be by mail ballot open to everyone who has made a pledge by February 1, 1980.
  • WINNER gets ONE FREE WEEK AT THE CAMP whenever it is appropriate to take it, within two years!
  • If more than one person submits the winning name, final winner will be decided by a drawing.
  • Mail entries to contest chairperson:

Shirlee Gaines Edwards
Rt. 1, Box 233
Blowing Rock, N.C. 28605

  • Be sure to include your address & phone number.

CAMP AND CONFERENCE CENTER NAME SELECTION COMMITTEE (and only persons not eligible to submit names)

  • Jack Stein, Jackson, MS.
  • Jane Upshur, Charleston, S.C.
  • Roger Comstock, Atlanta, Ga.
  • John Durham, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.
  • Terry Sweetser, Charlottesville, Va.
  • Margaret Ann Link, Raleigh, N.C.
  • William Benedict, Knoxville, Tn.
  • Shannon McNair, Birmingham, Al.


The Wheelers will be at the camp from Dec. 22 to Dec. 25. We’d love to have you stop by. Remember, however, that weather may not permit easy access to the mountain during the winter. And please call first so there will be space. In Atlanta, 404/ 299-2677, or on the mountain, 404/526-5838.


SWIM – Southeast Winter Institute of Miami
December 26-January 1
Contact: William Sax (305/595-8700)

SUUSI- Southeast UU Summer Institute
July 27-August 1
Contact: Jake Haun (804/272-3759)
10296 Iron Mill Road
Richmond, Virginia 23235


Many UUs in the Southeast have expressed the need for a UU camp for youth. This is one of the many rewards the new camp and conference center brings to us. The camp is ready to go! This summer, 1980, you can PICK UP YOUR KIDS ON THE WAY TO SUUSI!!!

Youth camp will be held:
June 29 – July 12 for 8, 9, and
10 year olds
July 13 – July 26 for 11-14 year olds

Both sessions are coed, for two weeks. only, and cost $275 per camper, with a reduction for the second camper in the same family.
We are delighted to have Pam Phelps and Jan Machler as leaders of this program. Both of these wonderful people have played active roles in the very successful youth program at Summer Institute. Prospective counselors, contact Pam at 2812 Vann Circle, Tallahassee, Florida 32303.


Mo and Larry Wheeler are presently taking applications for the position of caretaker of the new camp and conference center. The person would be expected to live on the site and needs various maintenance and some administrative skills. Send your resume and a letter explaining your interest to the Wheelers.

Other positions include a cook, cook’s helpers, cleaning crew, lifeguard, and possibly a nurse. Contact the Wheelers if you are interested: 1120 Gunnison Court, Clarkston, Ga. 30021; 404/299-2677.


Fifty-seven life and board members attended a Thanksgiving Work Weekend at the camp and enjoyed it in Spite of the rain. Highlights were a Seder-type service before Thanksgiving dinner, telling the history of the pilgrims, a candlelight march from the dining hall to the lodge, and a wet trip to nearby Dry Falls (so-named because one can supposedly walk behind them and stay dry).

Much work was also accomplished and good things happened with adults working with other people’s children, Many thanks to you all!


At its recent meeting, the camp and conference center Board of Trustees appointed Mo and Larry Wheeler as Directors. Larry is a District Sales Manager, with a broad background in sales and marketing, and Mo has a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and is interested in working with families. The Wheelers’ commitment to this project has been demonstrated in their hard work on the Feasibility Study.

The Directorship is viewed as a single full-time position which will be shared by the Wheelers. They will continue to maintain their residence in Atlanta, but will live at the camp during the summer and other peak periods.

Compensation includes a $20,000 salary, lodging, and suitable benefits. They are expected to go on the payroll around February 1st.


For hearty souls who’d like to spend New Year’s-weekend at the camp, Wet Pirie, Cecile Keller and Kay Montgomery are planning a trip beginning Friday evening, December 28 through noon, January 1.

They’re looking for folks who are able to deal with and enjoy very cold weather and who may have to hike the last mile up the mountain. At least one day will be spent working on the camp; special winter hikes will be planned; a New Year’s Eve family celebration–and the opportunity to begin the new year at our new “home.”

Charges? $10 per person to cover expenses, and your family will be asked to bring and prepare one meal for the group. Space is limited to about 35 people and will be reserved on a first-come basis. Call or write Kay if you’re interested: 2421 Oldfield Rd., NW, Atlanta, Ga. 30327; 404/351-5888; 634-5134. She’ll send you more detailed information when your space is reserved.

Heard to have asked: “Is camp and conference center fever a virus or a bacteria?” Attributed to Ben Edwards..


The fund drive is swinging into high gear now. Fundraising leaders have been recruited in most of the 104 societies in the Southeast and are being trained. Training sessions are being held in Raleigh, Atlanta, St. Petersburg, and Ellisville.

It is expected that most societies’ fund drives will be held during the first quarter of 1980. Meanwhile, over $85,000 has been pledged by the canvas organization and other interested UUs. As soon as the total pledged reaches $100,000, we will be able to begin drawing on the second Veatch loan.
The new board of the camp and conference center held its first meeting in Atlanta on November 17-18. The group worked well together for two full days of meetings. The board decided that the secretary and treasurer should be filled by specially skilled individuals serving as ex-officio members, without vote. Board members are:

Member Home Society Appointed/Elected Term Ends
Roger Comstock President Atlanta. Ga. (UUCA) Membership 1982
Ben Edwards Vice President Boone, N.C. Membership 1980
Wendy & Jim Highsmith Co-Treasurers Atlanta, Ga. (UUCA) C&CC Board 1980
Don Chery Athens, Ga Mid-South District 1981
Jack Gray Atlanta, Ga. (NW) C&CC Board 1982
Sue Male Tullahoma, Tn. Membership 1981
Margrit Nash Atlanta, Ga. (UUCA) SUUSI 1982
Walt Pirie Blacksburg, Va. Thomas Jefferson District 1982
Bob Winchester Clearwater, Fl. Florida District 1980

A search is being conducted for a qualified secretary for the Board. Persons interested should contact Sue Male (615/728-7321).
Besides matters discussed in other articles in this newsletter, the Board:

  • Approved draft by-laws to govern the corporation.
  • Authorized the President to form a nominating/election committee.
  • Authorized the recognition of churches, fellowships, or groups which had undertaken significant repairs on various cabins and buildings.
  • Decided to seek UUA affiliate status as soon as possible.
  • Approved the designation of an appropriate space at the cam as the Mark S. Wheeler Nursery, in memory of the Wheelers’ second son, who died at 3 1/2.


We who have been so involved in the plans for the camp and conference center sometimes forget what a shock it must be to some of you just finding out it exists. Feeling the need to back-track, we’ll try to save some space in each newsletter to bring newcomers up to date. This time, we’ll describe the site.

The camp is situated on top of a 4,200-foot mountain near Highlands, N,C. It was formerly Camp Highlander for 14 years and contains over 30 buildings. At the foot of the mountain are three small lakes, stables for 24 horses, and two new tennis courts. On the top are 20 cabins, a modern six-bedroom lodge, a large dining hall and recreation building, a tower, a craft building, and several others.

The camp overlooks 10,000 acres of national forest. Glen Falls, a 75-foot waterfall, is within hiking distance, and the Highlands area boasts of numerous other waterfalls and natural attractions.

The view from the lodge and all the cabins is spectacular! We hope you’ll make a visit to see the camp soon, or sign up for one of the many activities to be planned for this summer. (A schedule will be out in January.)

In the meantime, please don’t be afraid to speak up and ask any questions you have. The Wheelers or your Board Members will be delighted to talk with you.

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