Atlanta Unitarian Church to Call Rev. Moore Sanborn – Former Insurance Executive


Atlanta, Ga.—The Church of Our Father:

The church has called to its pastorate by unanimous vote Rev. Moore Sanborn of New York City, who has been conducting services during the past few weeks, and the call has been accepted. He is no stranger in Georgia, having been a resident in the State many years ago.

During the past ten years he has lived in New York, serving as vice president of two life insurance companies, whose offices in this city he has visited periodically. Mr. Sanborn was in the active ministry for several years after leaving college in the early eighties, retiring from it in 1889, and now returns to the work he first chose, selecting Atlanta because he believes that the opportunity for building a strong church devoted to the proclamation of the doctrines of the liberal faith is nowhere better than in this progressive city of the South.

While a life insurance executive in New York, Mr. Sanborn bore a national reputation in his profession as a writer and speaker on insurance themes, standing for conservatism and the fundamentals of old fashioned honesty in business. A more commodious meeting-place seems to be one of the immediate necessities of the congregation, and it is expected that the time is not far distant when a building sufficiently large to serve as a rallying-place for the many men and women in our community who hold liberal religious convictions can be provided.

Source: The Christian Register found in Google Books, Vol. 84, No. 44, Nov 2, 1905, Page: 25 (1237)

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