A Tribute to Rev. George Leonard Chaney

A Tribute to Rev. George Leonard Chaney

In the new Unitarian church in Atlanta, Ga., now in process of construction, is to be placed a memorial window as a tribute of affection and esteem to Rev. George Leonard Chaney, founder of the Unitarian Society in this city, the builder of the first church here and its minister for over seven years.

Dr. Chaney came to Atlanta and effected an organization of the church in March 1883.  The build of the first church, a very beautiful small Gothic structure, took place soon after, and was dedicated in April 1884.  Dr. Chaney’s ministry continued here until 1890.

This window will be of beautiful design, in keeping with the architecture of the building, and will be placed in the front end of the church.  It is to be of the best glass, and of artistic pattern.  Its dimensions will be eighteen four inches in total height and twelve feet six inched in width.

Many friends of the Atlanta church everywhere who have been in touch with the society here during the years of its struggle will be interested to know that great progress is now being made.  The new church will be furnish the setting for inspiring worship, a place of meditation and pray open to friend and stranger, an a hive of service for the community.

Those who have known Dr. Chaney through his many years of service will recognize the fitting memorial, and such a remembrance will call to mind, while he yet lives, some part of his noble service in the Southland.  This window will cost, when complete, about $700, and the fund is to be in hand by Jan 1, 1915.  Friends of Dr. Chaney who may wish to share in this grateful appreciation of his work and this desirable addition to the new church may address Mrs. Daisy Dixon Draper, treasurer Window Fund, 122 Sinclair Avenue, Atlanta. Ga.

Source: The Christian Register found in Google Books – October 8, 1914 – Page 981

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