Northwest welcomes people of all ages, sexual orientations, races, gender identities, abilities and theology into our congregation and our facilities. We strive to make everything about our programming, fellowship and structures accessible to all.

Wheelchair access

One of the parking space and the ramp onto the sidewalkThree parking spaces convenient to the sanctuary, offices and Chalice House are reserved for people with disability access parking permits. From the parking lot, a ramp leads up to the entry sidewalk to the main building, which also has an accessibility path that connects the entry sidewalk to the left side of the front porch. Inside the main building, the restrooms in the sanctuary wing are marginally accessible. The administrative hall offers a fully  accessible/family restroom.

The Chalice House has level entrances on both levels. The most easily accessible entrance to the upper story of the Chalice House is a right side door leading into the Chapel. The downstairs entrance can be accessed from the sidewalk leading from the parking lot to the left side of the building. The upper level houses an accessible unisex restroom.

Assistive Listening

We have equipped the sanctuary with a wireless headphone system that amplifies the speakers’ microphones. Headsets are stored on the table underneath/near the coat rack to the right of the sanctuary doors along with the large print hymnals hymnals. They are freely available to all who need them.

Large print hymnals

We have several large print hymnals available from the ushers by request. If you need other materials in large print or other format, please let us know.

Additional accomodations

Please let us know what other accommodations would help you or others enjoy our services or participate in our activities. We work with people on issues of allergies, cognitive and physical disabilities, or other considerations. We want you to feel comfortable and to be included!