UNIverse Weekly  October 8-14, 2021

UNIverse Weekly  October 8-14, 2021

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October 8-14, 2021


Sunday, October 10, Two Spirits

It is LGBTQ+ Pride Week here in Atlanta.  

It is also the weekend before Indigenous Peoples Day here in the United States.
We will reflect on both celebrations by focusing on our Two Spirit family; the LGBTQ+ community within Indigenous cultures. 

Please join us via Zoom this Sunday!   
The login for Zoom is https://nwuuc.org/zoom/ or follow the service on our Facebook page. Stay tuned in afterwards for our Coffee Hour at 11 am. 


Card Shower for Chloe Morgen
Please join us in supporting Chloe Morgen as she begins her journey as a college student. Our Northwest family is invited to participate in a card shower in her honor. We will shower her with UU love and support by sending her a card with a positive message and words of encouragement as she adjusts to college life. Please access her mailing address by logging into Realm or contacting our DRE via email at re@nwuuc.org.




From Rev. Joan 

Please keep in mind those in our congregation who are ill, hospitalized or recovering, as well as those grieving a loss. Your prayers, healing thoughts, cards and emails are welcome. 

Marilyn Matlock is at home continuing to battle with West Nile disease. 

Marti Wilson, who is at home recovering from a stroke and Ryan Wilson, her nephew, who suffers from serious kidney disease.   

 Lynne Dale, whose mother, Marna Neufer, passed away on September 17th. She was 93. Please keep Lynne and her family in your thoughts and prayers. 

And for Valerie Johnson and her family. Valerie’s mother, Virginia Ready, had heart valve clip surgery on September 25th. She is recovering at home and already breathing easier. Valerie’s dad, Gary Ready, fell a few weeks ago and was hospitalized. He is now receiving hospice care for advanced congestive heart failure. The family requests your prayers. 

Thoughts on the Philip Kreycik Memorial 

Many of us attended the online memorial service this past Sunday for Philip Kreycik, 37 year old son of former members Keith and Marcia Kreycik.  Philip died in July. Karen Edmonds, a Care Corps member, attended the service and wrote a touching review of the service that we want to share with the congregation.  Karen says:

“I attended Philip Kreycik’s memorial service yesterday. I never met Philip but there is no doubt he lived his 37 years to the fullest, touched innumerable people’s hearts and souls and was a wonderful combination of his amazing parents. It was a beautiful and deeply moving tribute to an adventurous, remarkable, endearing young man. There were close to 200 people on Zoom, and many gathered in Cambridge, MA where the service originated.   

Philip left a legacy for his family and friends and will inspire them for the rest of their lives.” 

The tragic story of Philip’s death can be found here: https://www.kron4.com/news/bay-area/pleasanton-runner-philip-kreycik-likely-died-from-heatstroke-in-106-degree-weather-investigators-say/

This beauty is on our campus: Red Spider Lily growing near the Chalice House.

If you have a joy or sorrow you would like to have shared in the UNIverse, please call or email Rev. Joan Davis at 404-275-0236 or joanarmstrongdavis@gmail.com.

If you are going through difficult times and would like emotional support or are in any situation where support and caring are needed contact:


Rev. Misha Sanders, Senior Minister, 770-955-1408 
Rev. Joan A. Davis, Community Minister, 404-275-0236
Maria Drinkard, 678-644-6480
Karen Edmonds,

Ashley Fournier-Goodnight, 903-278-1923
Brian Freeman, 404-626-0298
Linton Hopkins, 678-938-8858
Valerie Johnson, 470-209-9864
Lil Woolf, 404-276-6189

(770) 955-1408    Office Hours M-F 9 am to 5 pm     office@nwuuc.org


Virtual Documentary Night

The next Virtual Documentary Night will be THIS SUNDAY, October 10th at 7 pm.  We will be discussing the documentary, Finders Keepers. In this documentary, amputee John Wood finds himself in a stranger-than-fiction battle to reclaim his mummified leg from entrepreneur Shannon Whisnant, who found it in a grill that he bought at an auction. Here is a link to where you can watch it for free. https://tubitv.com/movies/589084/finders_keepers.

Email Adam Hicks at communitydocumentarynight@gmail.com to be added to the mailing list for the zoom link to Sunday’s discussion. 

NWUUC Book Groupies

The NWUUC Book Groupies will meet Tuesday, Oct. 12th at 7 pm on Zoom to discuss 2021 Pulitzer Prize winner The Night Watchman by Louise Erdrich. This fictionalized story around the true events involving Erdrich’s grandfather, a member of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa tribe of North Dakota, as is she, as he battled the US government in 1953 when it was decided to “emancipate” the tribe from their tribal lands. Another slice of history you might not have heard about.  

If you would like a copy of this book from our Bellwether Bookstore, please 
leave Penny Raney a message at 770 551 8817 and we will get a copy to you. Also let Penny know if you want to join the Zoom meeting so you can receive the link. Hopefully, this might be our last book groupies meeting on Zoom as we get our booster shots and get back to 3-D living. 

Circle Dinners


We had three successful circle dinners in September at three different homes!  A fun time was had by all, the food was delicious, and the conversation was lively.  Our next round of dinners will be on Saturday, October 16.  Won’t you join us?  

We try to have a group of 8 per dinner to keep the preparation for everyone manageable and the conversation intimate, and we ask that you be vaccinated to attend.  An invitation evite will be coming to you soon.   


How it works:
The Host/Hostess provide the setting and beverages (coffee/tea, etc.), while guests provide the meal, each bringing one of the following: 
l. Main Dish 
2. Salad/Rolls or Appetizer 
3. Veggie 
4. Dessert 

We rotate hosts/hostesses to allow them to go to someone else’s occasionally. We rotate guests… so they get to know others better. Dinners will usually repeat on the 2nd Saturday of each month.  To sign up, call or text Judy McKinley at 404-406-2369 with your preference of HOSTING, GUESTING or EITHER AS NEEDED; leave the rest up to the committee. The Committee will email the details of your Circle on or before the weekend prior to the dinner. 



What’s New With the Fall Action?

  • We have moved the date back to November 13th! There is more time to donate and bid!  The final online event will still be hosted by our own Tony Barbagallo at 7:00pm on Nov 13th.. We will use the Sunday Service ZOOM link.

  • Check out all the items at https://www.32auctions.com/nwuucfall2021

  • Or visit https://nwuuc.org/fall-auction/  for ‘How to’ videos and instructions for setting up an account and bidding.

Bidding is open and there are already bids placed!  Check out these new items and be sure to get your bid in.





Endowment Committee

The Endowment Committee will now start considering requests for 2022 funding.

This is from the Endowment Fund By-Laws that can be found on the NWUUC Website. 

Distributions from the FUND shall be made annually at the start of the calendar year and at such other times as deemed necessary and/or feasible to accomplish the following purposes:

For scholarships or grants to members of Northwest UU Congregation for the purpose of attending UU-related leadership conferences; or such other training which enables members of this congregation to grow in faith and service to Unitarian Universalism;

For the wider mission of the UUA at home and overseas, including but not limited to, grants to the UUA for new church development, professional leadership, educational ministries, world mission, and capital financing; and

For the physical plant of Northwest UU Congregation, such as, but not limited to seed money, for capital improvements or renovations, or debt reduction. For outreach into the community, including, but not limited to, grants to UU camps and conference centers, theological schools, social service agencies or institutions to which this congregation relates, and to special programs designed for those persons in our community who are in spiritual and or economic need.

Programs for support shall be submitted to the COMMITTEE for funding by October 31 of each year. Special application for extra-ordinary programs may be submitted at any time for the consideration by the committee.

For 2022 approximately $17,000 is available for distribution. 

Contact a member of the committee for an application for funding or click here https://nwuuc.org/endowment/.  Applications are due to one of the committee members by October 31, 2021.

Rebecca Gregory   rebecca.s.gregory@gmail.com  

Laura Hall laurahallatl@gmail.com

Hannah Cowart  hannahmcowart@gmail.com

Darrick Alford  darrick_alford8@gmail.com

Mary Anne Ericson  maryanne.ericson@yahoo.com

The Mountain is Searching for an Executive Director
Learn More & Apply!
The Mountain strives to be an exemplary retreat, camp, and learning center that celebrates Unitarian Universalist principles, inspires people of all ages, transforms lives, and builds a more compassionate world.

To learn more about The Mountain’s Mission and Core Values, as well as an overview of Programs; please visit our website.

ED Position Description: 

The Mountain’s Executive Director reports to the Board of Trustees, and is ultimately responsible for cultivating a highly effective and collaborative community of staff and volunteers that helps The Mountain to thrive, consistent with its Mission and Vision

Job Responsibilities

Ensuring that The Mountain meets its business goals, specifically

  • Developing and implementing The Mountain’s strategic plan, in collaboration with the Board, staff, and other stakeholders.
  • Overseeing the development and delivery of programming that advances The Mountain’s mission and vision and contributes to its financial success.
  • Developing and implementing an infrastructure plan, including but not limited to facilities, grounds, housing and communications systems, the potential for new building/significant updates and preventative maintenance, ensuring that facilities are appropriate for current and future programming.
  • Preparing and recommending to the Board annual budgets for operational, capital, and reserve needs, working with the Board Financial Advisor.
  • Monitoring and responding to monthly financial reports and cash flow needs to ensure that The Mountain meets Board-approved profit levels.
  • Ensuring regular and accurate financial and operational reporting to the Board, showing clear evidence of how The Mountain is achieving its mission.
  • Actively managing business and reputational risk, including but not limited to: Ensuring compliance with all applicable legal and professional standards. Creating, maintaining, and implementing emergency plans including but not limited to weather incidents, fire, and medical emergencies, and ensuring that staff, volunteers, and guests understand their role in executing these plans. Identifying other areas of risk and collaborating with the Board to manage them using policy, practice, and/or budget solutions.

Leading and managing The Mountain’s staff

  • Creating and maintaining a positive and high-trust culture with high levels of shared purpose and inclusivity.
  • Ensuring that staff and volunteers understand and model The Mountain’s Mission, Vision, and Values as well as the staff covenant.
  • Creating and implementing a staffing plan (including organizational structure, job descriptions, compensation plans, and succession plans) that supports the implementation of The Mountain’s strategic plan, current, and future programming.
  • Conducting an annual evaluation of each employee and making written recommendations as to job performance, compensation, and required training.
  • Directing all day-to-day activities of The Mountain, with the goal of ensuring that programs operate with efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and high-quality guest service.

Cultivating staff leadership, including through 

  • Training staff to understand the planning and decision-making steps involved in developing and monitoring the annual budget and The Mountain’s strategic plan and involving staff in those processes.
  • Implementing and overseeing a process for staff to conduct peer-led performance reviews.
  • Seeking input from staff in decisions about recruiting and hiring new employees.
  • Providing or securing other training necessary for staff to grow and excel in their jobs.

Cultivating long-term relationships

  • Communicating the mission and vision of The Mountain with enthusiasm and integrity, building long-term relationships with members, donors, and supporters.
  • Serving as a visible and accessible part of the community, ensuring the consistent delivery of a delightful guest experience and interacting regularly with other stakeholders.
  • Increasing the number of members, donors, program participants, and volunteers to ensure multiple revenue sources able to meet or exceed board approved revenue requirements.
  • Developing and nurturing relationships within the Unitarian Universalist community to enhance connections with The Mountain.
  • Developing and nurturing a collaborative relationship with the Board and individual Trustees.

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience preferred, but not required.
Prior experience supervising staff
Demonstrated willingness to learn and adapt to new and challenging circumstances
Salary Range is $65,000 – $85,000 

The Mountain offers a competitive package that includes health insurance and retirement contributions.

The Executive Director will be expected to work onsite, but is not required to live on site. Nearby communities with good housing options include Scaly Mountain, Sky Valley, Dillard, Highlands, Cashiers, Franklin. Short-term, temporary housing may be available at The Mountain to help with the relocation, if necessary. Longer term housing may also be available for rent on The Mountain.

We would like the new Executive Director to be able to begin work in the spring of 2022, but the start date is negotiable.

Employment Term:
3 years, with an opportunity for subsequent 3-year extensions

Application Process: 
To apply please send a letter of interest and resume highlighting applicable experience in a single PDF via email to: EDSearchCommittee@TheMountainRLC.org.

Submit Application by September 30, 2021 for priority review.

First Round interviews will take place in October.

Learn More & Apply!
View all of our Fall Programs



Ed Kilbourne 10/01
Kathy Miller 10/01
Karen Reagle 10/07
Hannah Johnson 10/09
Charlotte Alyea 10/11
Eileen Taylor 10/11
Helene Johnson 10/13
Tony Barbagallo 10/14
Edward Lawrence 10/17
Quinn Page 10/18
 Lynne Dale 10/19
Kathy Frost 10/21
Alison Williams 10/23
Larry Helferich 10/27
Laura Hall 10/31

Anniversaries (by year joined)

Penny Raney 10/22/1978
Michael Manely 10/28/2004
Shelia Manely 10/28/2004
Deborah Andrews-Gautney                                        10/31/2011     
Helen Borland 10/18/2014
Harry Trendell 10/19/2014
Peggy Emrey 10/11/2015


Sunday, October 10
10:00am Worship
11:00am Coffee Hour
7:00pm Virtual Documentary Night



Board of Trustees 2020-2021
President: Lynne Dale  president@nwuuc.org
President Elect: Allen Rider
Secretary: Sandy Davis  board@nwuuc.org
Finance: Grier Page  finance@nwuuc.org
Trustee at Large: Cameron Moore
Trustee at Large: Jill Benton
Trustee at Large: Marilyn Matlock
Youth Trustee at Large:  Robert Niedermeyer
Immediate Past President: Lil Woolf

Ministries Team Leaders
Communications: OPEN
Community Co-leads: Kat Benoit, Judy McKinley 
Gardens & Spaces: Beryl Grall-Petty
Justice: Dave Zenner
Learning Co-Leads: Veta Tucker and Sally Mitchell
Stewardship Co-Leads: Gwen Kahn and Melissa Niedermeyer                                      stewardship@nwuuc.org

Rev. Misha Sanders, Senior Minister  minister@nwuuc.org
Rev. Joan Davis, Community Minister joanarmstrongdavis@gmail.com
Adia Fields-Udofia, Religious Education Director  re@nwuuc.org
Dr. Philip Rogers, Music Director  music@nwuuc.org




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