Drive-In Flower Communion

Prelude: Robert Niedermeyer

Chiming of the Singing Bowl: David Niedermeyer

Words of Welcome and Announcements: David Niedermeyer

Music: Chrissy Haddad “We Give Thanks” soloist, Sally Mitchell piano

Call to Worship: Robert Niedermeyer

Chalice Lighting Words: Quinn Page

Lighting of the Chalice: Will Ericson

Story Wisdom: Adia Fields-Udofia and RE children

Music: Sally Mitchell “Flower Medley”

Sermon Part 1: Rev. Misha Sanders

Interlude: Traci Montgomery “No Coming, No Going”

Joys and Sorrows: Rev. Joan Armstrong-Davis 

Music Interlude: Robert Niedermeyer

Sermon Part 2: Rev. Misha Sanders

Introduction of the Offering: Robert Niedermeyer

Offering: Traci Montgomery and Chrissy Haddad “Contemplative Guitar Music”

Dedication of the Offering: Robert Niedermeyer

“To the work of this congregation, which is weaving a tapestry of love and action, 

we dedicate our offerings and the best of who we are.” 

Extinguishing the Chalice: Rev. Misha Sanders

Benediction: Rev. Misha Sanders

Postlude: Robert Niedermeyer “Bohemian Rhapsody”