UNIverse Weekly July 31-August 6, 2020

UNIverse Weekly July 31-August 6, 2020

 July 31-August 6, 2020 


August Worship Theme: Spiritual Practice
 August 2, 10 am

Please join us for worship on August 2 at 10:00 a.m. as we enjoy the youth-led service that was originally planned for July 5. We will be exploring the theme Spiritual Practice as a Community and are excited to offer small group activities lead by Coming of Age Mentors Hannah Cowart, Brian Freeman, Melissa Niedermeyer (COA Instructor), and Adia Fields-Udofia, Director of Religious Education. Access the service at https://bit.ly/nwuuc08-02    This is access for this week only.

Afterwards join us for our regular coffee hour following the service at https://uuma.zoom.us/j/8016042973? using the password coffee.   



Dear RE Families and Volunteers:

I wanted to provide a friendly reminder to all parents and RE program volunteers that we are currently limiting in-person activities and all RE operations are virtual until further notice. This policy is in place for the safety of all program participants and volunteers.

We are all looking forward to being able to reunite and enjoy each other’s company. However, we each have to do our part to continue to protect ourselves and to protect each other. I am holding you close until we meet again. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
In faith,
Adia Fields-Udofia
Director of Religious Education for Children and Youth
Northwest Unitarian Universalist Congregation,
Sandy Springs, GA
Cell: 470-269-4737


WE ARE SEEKING CHALICE LIGHTERS FOR AUGUST. PLEASE SIGN UP! NWUUC welcomes children’s participation in the weekly Sunday service. Options to participate include lighting a chalice live via Zoom during the service or submitting a video to re@nwuuc.org that can be played during the service. LED lighting options can be used instead of a flame. Please use this link to sign up: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050f4aaeac2f4-nwuuc


The Music of Summer Series:
American Classic Composers Speak of Summer
by Philip J. Rogers, D.M.A.
 All of nature speaks during the summer months.  As we heard in the sounds of the Summer movement in The Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi, let us enjoy other works that epitomize diverse aspects of summer.  The “Willow Tree Rag” by American composer and pianist Scott Joplin (1868-1917), the originator and King of Ragtime, typifies the towering Weeping Willow that produces instant summer shade with its thick canopy of arching branches.
American violinist/fiddler and composer, Mark O’Connor began his creative journey at the feet of American fiddling legend Benny Thomasson, and the iconic French jazz violinist Stéphane Grappelli.  Now, at age 55, he has melded these influences into a new American classical music, and is perpetuating his vision of an American School of String Playing.  O’Conners’ “The American Seasons: Summer” typifies the sounds of the “fiddler” tradition as one might hear throughout American parks or music venues during any season.
According to a New York Times music review, “The audience was on its feet . . . They were moved by Mr. O’Connor’s journey without maps, cheering for the only musician today who can reach so deeply first into the refined, then the vernacular, giving his listeners a complex, sophisticated piece of early-21st-century classical music and then knocking them dead with the brown-dirt whine of a Texas fiddle.” 
Take some time to sit down and enjoy the beauty of these glorious and relaxing American compositions by two of America’s finest that will transport you to places of tranquil calm. 


Would you like to schedule a private meeting with Rev. Misha? Please call the main number,
770-955-1408, to set up a time.

The Care Corps is in the process of making phone calls in an attempt to touch base with all members as we continue to  practice social distancing.  In May we started the practice of reaching out to members by month of birthday or joining anniversary. If you haven’t heard from us yet, rest assured your time is coming.  Remember, if you have something you want to share with us or with the congregation at large, feel free to email or call one of us—we are happy to hear from you. 
-Your Care Corps Team

Jean Staniewicaz, daughter of long-time member, Jean Johnson, reported that her mother was now residing at Pruitt Healthcare, a rehabilitation facility, in Lilburn.  Jean, who is 92, suffers from congestive heart disease.

John Hagler lost his mother, Virginia Morgan Hagler at age 94 on July 18th.  Mrs. Hagler had been in Hospice for two months following a fall.  Please keep John and his siblings in your thoughts

Ruth Subramanian reports that her sister, Margaret Lynch, who resides in an assisted living facility in San Antonio, has tested positive for COVID-19.  Her condition is stable.

If you have a joy or sorrow you would like to have shared in the UNIverse please call or email Lil Woolf at 404-276-6189 or publications@nwuuc.org.

If you are going through difficult times and would like emotional support or are in any situation where support and caring are needed contact:
 Rev. Misha Sanders, Minister, 770-955-1408 
Rev. Joan A. Davis, Community Minister, 404-275-0236
Maria Drinkard, 678-644-6480
Karen Edmonds, 770-851-1354
Linton Hopkins, 678-938-8858
Valerie Johnson, 470-209-9864
Lil Woolf, 404-276-6189

(770) 955-1408    Office Hours M-F 9 am to 5 pm     office@nwuuc.org


Message from Rev. Misha

Oh, my dear NWUUC!   I have missed you all SO!  
How are you holding up?  I am eager to make calls and begin re-connecting with you all throughout August.   It is my number one work priority, so don’t be surprised when I check in.  
You all have been a balm for my soul these past two months. Your love has absolutely been overflowing my email inbox, voicemails, physical mailbox, and sometimes even my front porch.  Know that I cherish every card, call, meal, gift, or gesture of every kind.  My gratitude will be shared more personally with you as the days continue and my strength improves. 
I am writing this letter to you on Tuesday evening, and I have so much on my heart to share with you.   
This past Saturday, my brother, Jeff, died.  And yesterday his wife of 39 years, Val, joined him in death.  Both were struck down by COVID-19 at just 57 years old.   As I’m sure you understand, my family is in deep grief.  I am so grateful for your patience during this time of bereavement.  
As for my personal health, most of you know that I am recovering from two surgeries, one on June 23rd, and an unexpected emergency on July 9th.  They repaired an intussusception during the first surgery and removed some intestinal blockage.  In the second surgery, they removed yet another blockage, and removed and resected a portion of my small intestine.   
The pathology report on the blockages made it clear that I have a condition called fibromatosis; many small, aggressive, fast-growing tumors all throughout my gut,  They are non-cancerous.   This is an important distinction, since my next bit of news is that the treatment for these tumors is chemotherapy.  I begin my chemo tomorrow, Wednesday (it will have begun already as you read this).
Despite these health set-backs and all the family grief, I have wished for nothing more than to gather the strength to get back into the work of serving YOU, my beloved congregation.   I set myself a goal of getting back into the swing of congregational life by August, and that is exactly what I am doing; slowly and more slowly, on some tiring days, I am sure.  But I dig back in with great joy and gratitude.  It will fill me with the energy I need, and keep my mind focused on the things and the people I love and am honored to serve…YOU.  
So, let me just say one more time THANK YOU to the people who have loved me through this thus far.  And THANK YOU to all of our staff and lay leaders who have done and continue to do such an excellent job keeping our beloved community running during this strange, terrible (yeah, we can say that!) summer. You all are not strangers to leading in the summers, and WOW, has it served you well!  You’ve done such a beautiful, loving job. I am eternally grateful. 
I will participate just a little in worship this weekend, and then for the next couple of weeks, we will be blessed to share more long-ago-planned lay worship services.   
I will be back leading worship and preaching on August 30th. 

In the meantime, consider me in-office on Mondays through Thursdays during the day.   These days, my office is usually a spot on the floor in front of my little gray sofa which mostly belongs to my spoiled cat, Moxie.  But I am here, and I am here for you.
Oh, how much I LOVE you!
Reverend Misha

Building Progress and Financial Status 

Recent photo looking into the new Subramanian Hall.


   Photo courtesy of Dave Zenner


Photos courtesy of Larry Wallis

Building Progress

Exciting things continue to happen at Northwest.

The vaulted ceiling in Subramanian Hall is breathtaking.

We know that regular updates here, even with photos, are inadequate to convey the magnitude and beauty of what is happening. By the end of the summer, we’ll be inviting you to sign up for a time to visit the building with a guide – for reasons of safety and risk management, these will occur only after we have approval to do so. Building expansion steering committee members will take you through the new spaces, explain some of the changes and answer your questions. We’ll do this in small groups, with masks for everyone’s safety and not until the contractor says it’s safe.
Meanwhile, this is a construction area and unsafe for visitors.


We have made many calls to those who made a promise of funds for the building expansion but have not yet fulfilled their pledge. These funds are needed to complete the project. Fortunately, contributions to the building fund have been made since the capital campaign, but these do not offset the balance of unfulfilled pledges.

Four families have stepped forward to loan funds to Northwest at no or low interest, in accordance with what the congregation approved. Anyone who wishes to make a loan should contact Finance@nwuuc.org.

Wish List 

While the construction has been going on, a number of people have offered
suggestions. Some had to do with functionality, and we listened to and acted upon most. Others are important and desirable, but do not fit into the scope of the project, which is defined as construction; still others fall into the “while we’re at it” category. We hear you. We share your desire to make Northwest the best and most attractive it can be. However, we do not have the funds to enlarge the scope of the project. We look forward to the time when the congregation can agree on how to furnish our beautiful new facility.

Zoom Documentary Discussion
 Suppressed: The Fight To Vote
7pm on Friday, July 31st

Watch the documentary Suppressed: The Fight To Vote on your own and then join a virtual discussion on Zoom!

The documentary weaves together personal stories from voters across the state of Georgia to paint an undeniable picture of voter suppression in the 2018 midterm election where Stacey Abrams fought to become the first Black female governor in the U.S.  

Here is a link to where you can watch it for free.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03DGjnIkTdI  

This event is open to all who are open to all and is not restricted to Atlanta or the United States. Feel free to invite anyone you think may be interested in joining our discussion. Please allow others to get their full thought out and that any disagreement is voiced in a civil way. At the end we will decide together the topic for the next month’s film.

Please email Adam Hicks bryantadamhicks@gmail.com to be added to the email list. That way you will be able to receive updates on future events as well as the zoom link and password, which will be sent out the morning of the discussion.

NWUUC Book Groupies

The NWUUC Book Groupies will meet at 7 PM Tuesday, August 11th on Zoom to discuss bestseller Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens, an international wildlife scientist. You might consider this a beach read but it is much more, with some interesting historical background to be shared. Though the NW bookstore is closed at this time we have a few inexpensive copies of this book on hand so let me know if you would like a copy or if you plan to attend our meeting so we can send you the Zoom link.  Penny Raney – 770 551 8817

A More Beautiful World Week
 Formerly the Sustainability & Climate Justice Conference
September 16-21, 2020
We recognize that holding an in-person event is tricky at this time, but we at The Mountain are confident that we can conduct this event with everyone’s safety and health being our top priority. Here is a link to the protocols we are implementing. Our aim is to have up to 50 in-person participants. With limiting the capacity to 50 people, which is well below 50% capacity for our campus, we will be able to gather in spaciously, utilize outdoor spaces and give individuals and small parties private accommodations.
More information HERE.

IT HelpDesk

We have a new IT Help Desk that is available to help members with issues of getting on line with Zoom, Realm or our Facebook Group page.  This desk is managed by Cameron Moore, Katy Lockhart, Kuru George, David Morgen and Russ Martin.  To reach one of them email your questions to techhelp@nwuuc.org.


 August Birthdays                                 August Anniversaries
Gwen Kahn                           08/01
Jordan Goldman                  08/03
Michael Dierickx                   08/04
Harry Trendell                      08/07
Kristen Fowks                       08/09
Jenn Miller                            08/10
Luke Newman                      08/10
Chrissy Haddad                   08/13
Hannah Cowart                    08/16
Anne Bennett                       08/17
Hugh Fordyce                       08/21
Ben Sellers                           08/25 
Kathy Spears        08/09/2018
Judy Seaman        08/21/2005






Sunday, August 2, Worship  

Virtual Coffee 11 am


Board of Trustees 2020-2011

President                          Lil Woolf   president@nwuuc.org
President-Elect                 Lynne Dale
Finance Trustee                Pam Freeman  finance@nwuuc.org
Secretary                          Sandy Davis  board@nwuuc.org
Imm. Past President         David Stewart
Trustee at Large               Larry Wallis
Trustee at Large               Grier Page
Trustee at Large (youth)   Chloe Morgen
Ministries Team Leaders
Communications: Jenn Meunier Miller
Community: Brian Freeman 
Gardens & Spaces: Beryl Grall-Petty 
Justice: Dave Zenner 
Adult Learning Lead: Marilyn Matlock, Co-Lead: Sally Mitchell
Stewardship Lead: Cameron Moore, Co-Leads: Gwen Kahn & Melissa Niedermeyer

Rev. Misha Sanders, Senior Minister
Rev. Joan Armstrong Davis, Community Minster
Adia Fields-Udofia, Religious Education Director
Dr. Philip Rogers, Music Director

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