The UNIverse Weekly March 20-26, 2020

The UNIverse Weekly March 20-26, 2020

  March 20-26, 2020


March Worship Theme: Freedom and Responsibilty
Hello, NWUUC beloveds.
How are you holding up?
How are you holding each other up? 

As for my house, we’re doing just fine.  My family back in Illinois is stubborn, ornery, but also doing fine, as far as I can tell.  

Please reach out to me, or to any member of our Care Corps team, to let us know how we can support you in this strange time.  We’re all just learning as we go along, aren’t we? Never feel hesitant to reach out. Times like these are EXACTLY what our faith community is here for!  

Hey, I want to remind you that we are hosting our first online worship service this Sunday at 10AM, our regular worship time, and I hope you will log in and join us.  Our tech guru and acting Communications Team Leader, David Morgen, has set up this Zoom link for us:

New to Zoom? It’s easy!  When you click that link above, your device will tell you whether or not you have Zoom installed. If not, it will direct you on next steps. Installing Zoom doesn’t take very long and it doesn’t use up very much space.  I highly recommend that you choose this route! It seems that your streaming experience might be better this way than if you use other means. 

Speaking of other means, we will also be livestreaming on our public Facebook page, if you would like to try connecting that way.  (Again, we have a hunch that the FB live stream might be glitchier than connecting via Zoom, but it’s just a hunch.)

And the third alternative, where we will also attempt to be live, is through our Youtube channel, at

Expect enthusiastic connection, loads of imperfection, on-the-job learning by your worship team, and The Unexpected.  Along with David Morgen and me, our wonderful Director of Music, Dr. Philip Rogers, and our amazing Director of Religious Education, Adia Fields-Udofia, have been hard at work creating beauty and connection for us all. Expect guest appearances by several friends from our music department, as well.  I am really excited to see what happens!

Did I mention that I am still here for you just as certainly as back in the good ol’ days, when I could look into your beloved face, squeeze your hand, or hug you in person?  Please practice physical distancing, but continue with your social connecting! We are living in the very best time in Earth history for being isolated. We have technology that helps us remember that we are never alone unless we choose to be. And that’s reassuring.  

I love you and there’s nothing a global pandemic can do about it.
In it with you, 
Rev. Misha 


Potluck and Game Night CANCELED

The potluck for March 28 has been canceled.  




Would you like to schedule a private meeting with Rev. Misha in her office? Please call the main number, 770-955-1408, to set up a time.

This week we mourn the loss of two beloved members of our community.
Bob Thacker died Saturday, March 7, following a bicycle accident where he sustained a traumatic brain injury.  Bob served NW as a regular Sunday greeter and as a joyful member of the Voices of Northwest choir. The memorial for Bob scheduled for Saturday, April 4 at 2 pm has been postponed.  Please keep his wife Susan in your hearts.

Our beloved founder of Northwest and mother of Elizabeth Hickman passed away at home surrounded by her family on March 10.  A celebration of life for Joyce Buis will be held sometime in the future.  

If you have a joy or sorrow you would like to have shared in the UNIverse please call or email Lil Woolf at 404-276-6189 or

If you are going through difficult times and would like emotional support or are in any situation where support and caring are needed contact:
 Rev. Misha Sanders, Minister, 770-955-1408 
Rev. Joan A. Davis, Community Minister, 404-275-0236
Maria Drinkard, 678-644-6480
Karen Edmonds, 770-851-1354
Linton Hopkins, 678-938-8858
Valerie Johnson, 470-209-9864
Lil Woolf, 404-276-6189

(770) 955-1408    Office Hours M-F 9 am to 5 pm



Weekly Message from Your Board of Trustees     
March 19, 2020


No one would have guessed even one month ago that we would be in the midst of a viral pandemic.  That being said, it has been a trying few weeks for all of us at Northwest.  Many in our congregation have young children, many on our Board have young children, and now all are essentially having to home school them, perhaps for months.  This, of course, is time consuming and we on the Board are juggling our lives to serve both our families and our congregation.  We hope you understand that all leadership and our professional staff at Northwest are doing all we can to provide you with online services (thanks to Rev. Misha, Adia Fields-Udofia  and Dr. Philip Rogers)  and to continue to do the work of the congregation as best we can.  This is a time when your support of all leadership, paid and unpaid, is essential to our wellbeing.
Our building expansion continues to proceed, thanks to our diligent contractor.  We have asked for a delayed delivery of the trees we are required to plant due to weather conditions that have slowed progress some, but also because we will need volunteers to help us plant them, and this is not the time to try to recruit volunteers.  The contractor has sent a request to Sandy Springs asking for a certificate of occupancy before the tree planting in early fall, due to a number of circumstances.  See the latest picture of the sanctuary expansion progress!!
Importance of continuing to make pledge payments

Now that church is shut down for an unknown period of time, we have had to delay many things, but one thing we need to keep on track is paying our pledges that fund our staff salaries and our utilities.  Rentals will be down and that will leave a hole in our budget.  Please be sure to keep your pledges up to date, per an email that was sent on March15.  Our Finance Trustee, Pam Freeman, continues to work diligently on a regular basis with our bookkeeper, Deb Hoyt, and with Launchpad, regardless of the social lockdown, to be sure salaries are paid and all our finances are in order.  
The Board is still working with the Preschool Committee to bring a preschool in-house, both as a service to the community and as a source of rental income.  Dave Zenner has offered to join this committee and we are thrilled to have his energy and expertise.
The Board has devoted a lot of time creating and editing a Dealing with Disruptive Behavior Policy, following the guidelines of the UUA.  This policy will be introduced to the congregation at our next town hall or congregational meeting, whichever comes first.
We had expected to have a regular town hall meeting March 29, the fifth Sunday, but after a request from 33 members for a specially called congregational meeting, we changed the town hall to a congregational meeting.  As a consequence of the COVID- 19 pandemic the meeting has been delayed till after we return to regular church services, an unknown time, but most likley will be at least 2 weeks after we return to the building.  (See the petition below submitted by Jay Kiskel, and a response from the Board).
Petition for Member Called Special Congregation Meeting
In accordance with the Northwest bylaws (Article VI, Section 4, para C) a petition was submitted on March 10, 2020 to the secretary of the board to hold a Special Congregational Meeting to consider the action taken by the Board regarding the termination of Renee Burke’s membership.  Per our bylaws such a meeting shall be held within 30 days of the submission of the petition. 
To have an open and frank conversation, the petition also requested that the board make available all meeting minutes and documents used in their deliberations of the action taken on Renee Burke’s membership and also those referenced in the “information notice” sent to members on March 8, 2020 within one week after receipt of this petition.     
It is also requested that a meeting with the Board President (or designee)  and a select number of members requesting the meeting (i.e., signers of the petition) be held within seven days to discuss (1) the method of providing the requested materials to the congregation and (2) how the meeting will be conducted.  
Update:  Given the current health situation with the coronavirus and the need for social distancing, it was suggested that the 30-day requirement set by our bylaws be waived and the Special Congregation Meeting be held two weeks after the resumption of in-person Sunday services at Northwest.
For more information contact petition representative Jay Kiskel.
Board Comment on above Article

The appropriate number of signatures have been presented via petition, and the requested congregational meeting will be held regarding the revocation of the membership of Renee Burke. We appreciate Jay’s forebearance in agreeing to postpone the meeting, in consideration of the COVID-19 threat.
The Board considers this to be a private matter between the Board and Renee, and in respect of confidentiality and Renee’s privacy, has not released information or justification pertaining to the revocation. The Board’s lack of response has left some of you in suspense.  
But having made the decision, the Board is prepared to defend it. Since some of the documents are confidential, the Board will require a proper release beforehand from Renee and Michael.   And because this is a private matter, the Board will not respond to others who have been motivated to intervene on Renee’s behalf.  This is a classic instance of triangulation.
We remind the congregation that in controversial issues, there are always two sides, and we urge each of you to keep an open mind.  This decision was not made lightly or hastily.
There are some who have lost confidence in the Board over this matter, but be aware that the Board’s responsibility is to act with transparency, with fairness to all, and in the best interests of the congregation.

While the congregation is away the contractor is at play!

 NWUUC Annual Pledge Campaign

Architects of Our Legacy: Let’s Dig In 
February 23 – March 29.
Northwest is in the middle of our annual pledge campaign! This year’s theme is Architects of Our Legacy: Let’s Dig In. We have an ambitious (but very doable) goal of $250,000. Additionally, we’d love to see time, talent, and/or financial participation from all of our members and friends.

Currently, we are at $94,664 with only 33 pledge units turned in. This is a great place to be!

If you have already made your pledge we thank you very much.  If you have not done it, you will be receiving a snail mail reminder with a pledge form in it.  Please take a few moments to fill it out and send back to Cameron Moore, Stewardship MTL, using the church address above, or go to and follow the instructions.  With your help, we still hope to have the drive finished by March 29.  

Please visit or email Cameron Moore at with any questions. 

Do you know of an Earth friendly product or non profit you’d like to see at Northwest?
The NWUUC Earth Day Plant Sale & Fair is looking for vendors!  We will be selling 10×10 booths to local businesses and nonprofits that align with our seventh UU principle.  If you know of an entity that would be a great fit, please contact Katy Lockhart at with your ideas.  The event will be held April 26 in the Northwest parking lot. 


 March Birthdays                                     March Anniversaries
Becki Gregory 03/01
Tammy Clabby 03/07
Nancy Johnson 03/08
Paul Ross 03/09
Jay Kahn 03/14
Thomas Vinton 03/14
Steve Stern 03/19
Jax Bush 03/20
Rebecca Cabral 03/23
Harper Bush 03/27
Robert Thacker 03/29
Cole Hickman 03/30


Beryl Grall-Petty 03/10/1985
Jay Kiskel 03/20/1988
Lissa Newman 03/12/1999
Becki Gregory 03/08/2009
Deborah Ross 03/26/2013
Paul Ross 03/26/2013
Sheree Meyers 03/13/2016
Morning Washburn 03/05/2017






Board of Trustees 2019-2020
President                     David Stewart           
President Elect            Lil Woolf             
Finance Trustee          Pam Freeman         
Secretary                     Sandy Davis         
Trustee at Large          Katy Lockhart              
Trustee at Large          Larry Wallis          
Trustee at Large          Chloe Morgen
Imm. Past President    Hannah Cowart  
Ministries Team Leaders

Adult Learning             Marilyn Matlock         

Adult Learning             Greg Pattison
Communications         Vacant 
Community                  Kristan Wagner            
Community                  Brian Freeman
Gardens & Spaces      Beryl Grall-Petty
Justice                         Dave Zenner                
Stewardship                Cameron Moore 
Worship                       Vacant

Rev. Misha Sanders, Senior Minister
Rev. Joan Armstrong-Davis, Community Minster
Adia Fields-Udofia, Religious Education Director
Dr. Philip Rogers, Music Director

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