An Important Announcement about Immediate COVID-19 Response

Dear friends and members of NWUUC,

In light of all we are learning about COVID-19, we’ve come to the decision to cancel in-person worship together. This change is effective immediately and will continue until we have been assured the danger of being together has passed. Our highest value is our love for you, the members and friends of this church.  What keeps our community safe, especially those most vulnerable among us? A core UU belief in following science — so what does the science tell us to do? Our conclusion came quickly — we should move to exclusively online worship for now. We love you too much to risk otherwise.  

We have also learned today that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has issued a “call to action” for all community leaders to make the necessary cancellations to help keep our communities safer. 

Our Unitarian Universalist Association President, Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, also issued a plea to our congregations today to err on the side of extreme caution and discontinue gathering in person.    

So, we will worship Sundays at 10 am online. This will continue until further notice. However, for this week only (March 15), since we are limited in our experience with online worship here at NWUUC and since we made this decision just today, we will NOT be hosting our own online service. I am suggesting that you and your families log in to worship with other UU congregations who are already great at this endeavor. A few suggestions are:

Please do NOT come to the building. Please do stay at home and watch another UU congregation online. 

We will be in touch early next week with links to our own online worship, which will begin on March 22nd and continue until further notice. We will use Realm emails to stay in touch as needed, but do continue to check our website as well as our FaceBook page and group page.

All in-person scheduled activities are also on hiatus for the time being. Some meetings will take place by Zoom (video conferencing). A link will go out to all involved in those cases.

Upcoming memorials are on hold for now, as well. Details will be forthcoming, as soon as new arrangements are made.

I remain an email away, and will be happy to arrange meetings by phone or video with you all during this trying time, as is true ANY time.  You can reach me via email at Or call the church telephone number, 770-955-1408 and our remote administrator will forward the messages to me in a timely manner, as she always does.  

Beloveds, I love you all. I know this is scary. Now is the time to show our love for each other with care, mercy, and compassion. This is not a time to withdraw from community but to reach out to each other. Make a telephone call or send a text to a friend in the church. Reach out. Log in and be present online Sunday for each other.

Please stay healthy, beloveds. We need you.

In love and solidarity, 

Rev. Misha