November Donate the Plate: The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center

The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center is our selected recipient for our November “Donate the Plate” offering in appreciation of the formative influence. The Mountain has played in the lives of so many inside and outside of our congregation and our denomination. Many of us recently attended our annual congregational retreat there and enjoyed firsthand the charm of this treasured space. The Mountain is “an exemplary retreat, camp, and learning center that celebrates Unitarian Universalist principles, inspires people of all ages, transforms lives, and builds a more compassionate world.” In recent years, The Mountain has focused on “inspiring people to build inclusive, meaningful, sustainable communities throughout their lives.”  

Sunday, November 10 is the day we give our plate offerings to The Mountain and our Second Hour presentation will be lead by a Mountain representative, but check donations can be made throughout the month with “Mountain” written in the memo line.

Update: Northwest’s Donate the Plate program raised $574.25 for The Mountain. We dedicate this offering and the best of who we are.