October Luunch Buunch: This telescope might show us the beginning of the universe

Every star we see in the sky has at least one planet orbiting it, says astronomer Sara Seager. So what do we know about these exoplanets, and how can we find out more? Seager introduces her favorite set of exoplanets and shows new technology that can help collect information about them — and even help us look for exoplanets with life. Sara Seager’s research led to the first discovery of an atmosphere on a planet outside our Solar System. Now she’s on the hunt for a twin Earth.

Luunch Buunch is a lunchtime gathering of members, friends and visitors who would like to share any recent life experiences, discuss current topics and get better acquainted in an informal environment.

Come as you are. Reservations are not required. Bring your lunch (optional) and convene in the Art Gallery at 11:45 am Wednesday, October 16. We begin with introductions and personal updates and the program will end at 1:15 pm. You may come late or leave early, as your schedule dictates.