The UNIverse Weekly August 9-15, 2019

The UNIverse Weekly August 9-15, 2019

August 9-15, 2019 

The Theme for August is Wonder 
Something in the Water

The Order of Service for Sunday, August 11, 2019

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Sunday, August 11 Ingathering Celebration, Water Communion, Farewell to DRE Christina Branum-Martin and Welcome Our New Minister, Rev. Misha Sanders! Join us for a morning of celebrations. Be sure to bring water from your travels or your own kitchen sink to mingle with the waters of us all.


Care Corps

If you are going through difficult times and would like emotional support or are in any situation where support and caring are needed, contact:

Rev. Misha Sanders, Minister, 770-955-1408 
Rev. Joan A. Davis, Community Minister, 404-275-0236
Maria Drinkard, 678-644-6480
Karen Edmonds, 770-851-1354
Linton Hopkins,
Valerie Johnson, 470-209-9864
Lil Woolf,

(770) 955-1408    Office Hours M-F 9 am to 5 pm


Second Friday Documentary Night
How to Change the World
Friday, August 9th, 7 pm, NWUUC Sanctuary

For the August documentary night we will be watching How To Change The World. This film tells the story of Greenpeace’s earliest days as a group of friends improvised their way into starting a global movement. After the film we will break out into small discussion groups. We will do multiple rounds of small group discussion, then close out the night with a whole group discussion.

This event is open to all who are open to all. The one thing we ask is that people allow others to get their full thought out and that any disagreement is voiced in a civil way. At the end we will decide together the topic for the next month’s film. Thank you and hope to see you there!

NWUUC Book Groupies
Tuesday, August 13, 7 pm
Art Gallery
The NWUUC Book Groupies will be discussing Behold The Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue. Considered a notable new book by both NPR and The New York Times, among other publications, this is the story of a young Camaroonian couple trying to make it in America and then, their struggles exacerbated by the 2008 recession. This novel, written by an immigrant, is a good summer page turner as well as an empathetic rendering of the immigrants’ experience in America.
We will also be choosing books for the next few months so bring your suggestions. All readers are welcome and the book is available in our Bellwether Bookstore.

Luunch Buunch Topic for August 21


Continuing our “get acquainted” series, our Reverend Misha will join us for an informal lunch and conversation meeting.  All are invited as we continue our community journey toward education and enlightenment.

Luunch Buunch is a lunchtime gathering of members, friends, and visitors who would like to get to know each other better in an informal atmosphere, share any recent life experiences, and discuss current topics.

Come as you are. Reservations are not required. Bring your lunch (or not) and convene in the Art Gallery at 11:45 am. We begin with introductions and personal updates, and the program will end at 1:15 pm. You may come late or leave early, as your schedule dictates.

New Justice Ministry Team Combines Social
and Earth Justice

By David Zenner, Justice Ministry Team Leader

This church year Northwest’s Social Justice Ministry Team and the Earth Ministry Team will combine to become the Justice Ministry Team.

Social Justice has a long history at Northwest as it does within Unitarian Universalist Congregations everywhere. Our commitment to social justice is an expression of our first UU Principle: Respect for the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Our Earth Ministry is much newer to Northwest, having been founded in 2008, although environmental activism at Northwest began years earlier.

Both of these essential justice commitments share enthusiastic support among the congregation.  Together they reflect the passion we have for our Mission to “support courageous action” by seeking opportunities to address injustice among the peoples of the earth, as well as the innumerable fellow inhabitants of our planet.

The initiative to combine the environmental and social justice ministries stems from an emerging understanding that, like the “interdependence of all existence” which is acknowledged by the UU Seventh Principle, there is a similar interdependence of Justice in all its forms. Both of these interdependencies require philosophical exploration, since they are not always obvious.

The concept of “Environmental Justice” has come to mean addressing the intersectionality of environmental abuse and the social consequences for disadvantaged societies – those situations where the interdependency of injustice is obvious. The West Atlanta Watershed Alliance (WAWA) for example, was established when disadvantaged West Atlanta neighborhoods allied to address the appalling consequences of privileged North Atlanta’s combined storm and sanitary sewerage overflowing into the streams running through their backyards. Environmental injustice in that sense is not difficult to recognize. It is often the consequence of mindless privilege and the “toilet assumption” –  willful ignorance of the consequences of human excess.

Moving forward, the Justice Ministry at Northwest has multiple worthy aspirations: to continue to offer a platform for the many social justice initiatives championed by members of our Congregation; to continue the work of the former Earth Ministry to “foster an ecological awareness that comes from a commitment to a right relationship with Earth, to listen to the voices of Earth and to take action based on those voices”; to focus on the intersectionality of environmental injustice and social injustice; to explore a deeper understanding of the interdependence of justice; and hopefully, to begin to identify Northwest as “The Congregation with the abiding commitment to addressing injustice in all of its forms”.

C:\Users\Beryl\Desktop\Artwork for Auction 2019\word header color (2).png
Reverend Misha Sanders                         Bigger UU-niverse                         Our Next Fifty Years
It is official, the auction rocket has launched. We are on our way to a dazzling and
fun filled auction event. All we need now is you.

We need donations for the auction and we need participants to sign up for the
auction dinner. Donation forms are available at the table in the foyer or by
contacting a committee member. Take a look at the back of the donation form for
some suggestions. But, don’t stop there. Create something new, let those creative
juices flow.

New items this week: A pool party at the home of Kristen Fowks and Tony
Barbagallo; a custom made ceramic chalice by Katy Lockhart and a portrait
painted by Helene Johnson. Add your donation/s to our list.

The auction dinner prices are adults $15 each, children under 12, $5 each and a
maximum of $40 per family.

And, we have added another item for the event, a raffle. The raffle will be for two $250 restaurant gift certificates for three high end restaurants that the winner can
choose from. Tickets are $10 each.

There will be tables in the lobby after service where you can sign up for these items.
There will be pictures of the restaurants at the raffle table so you can preview their


The Auction Committee: (contact any one of us if you have questions)
Tony Barbagallo, Verna Barrett, Helen Borland, Kat Benoy, Constance Dierickx,
Michael Dierickx, Karen Edmonds, Beryl Grall, Linton Hopkins, Katy Lockhart,
John Montgomery and Traci Montgomery.

NWUU Congregational Retreat Oct. 25-27! 
Celebrate The Mountain’s 40th and NWUUC’s 50th anniversaries!
Sign up now for our upcoming congregational retreat at our beautiful retreat center, The Mountain, outside Highlands, NC !  A short  2 1/2 hour drive will get you to this magical place of long-range views, peak autumn leaf-peeping and fresh mountain air. Spend the weekend getting to know Reverend Misha and your fellow congregants while relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors. Early bird discount through August 29th of $170 per adult for two nights room and board ( $190 after), youth 8-17,  $70  and children under 7 FREE!  Best accommodations go to early registrants!
More information on daily schedules, etc. is available on the bulletin board and community table in our lobby. Questions? Call or email Rebecca Cabral, Elizabeth Marsala or Penny Raney.


One Green Thing

Local News at 11 Alive has put out a wonderful report on local climate change action.
They title the segment, 11alive/planG How Georgians are taking control of the climate change conversation.
“Local news rarely covers the climate. We’re all over the weather, but we generally avoid going beyond.  Climate as a subject, is deemed too toxic, too politicized, too daunting – too depressing.  It doesn’t have to be.” 
Author: Matthew Pearl, Lindsey Basye Published: 6:15 PM EDT July 22, 2019 Updated: 6:34 PM EDT July 22, 2019
You can read the rest, as well as see the 20 minute film of the positive work, at this link!
Suggestions or comments for One Green Thing, contact Sharon Cameron through our NWUUC Justice Team.



RE Schedule
Nursery 9:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
No RE Program (Today is a Multigenerational Service).
Second Hour: Activity/Playground Time will be available from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm.

RE Parents and Volunteers:

Please join us on Sunday, August 11th to say farewell to Christina. Please don’t forget to bring cards, gifts, and a warm hug as we wish her well on her journey to becoming a fully ordained minister. Attendees will have the opportunity to share a fond memory or say a kind word before she departs. Please join us as we send her off with lots of love and support!
The RE Department is hiring a Lead Teacher for the Pre-K/K class. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact me this week.

NWUUC Youth Pancake Breakfast

Join the Northwest youth for our annual pancake breakfast Sunday, August 18, immediately following the service.  This year we are asking the congregation to help us make this a breakfast/brunch potluck!  The youth will cook pancakes—plain, chocolate chip, blueberry and gluten-free —and we ask that you supplement these treasures with sausages, bacon, fruits, veggies, deviled eggs and other brunch-type foods or drinks.  The youth will do clean-up but a few helping hands with set-up and clean-up are always welcomed.


No Community news this week


Saturday, August 10

9:00am Workday for Gardens and Spaces

10:00 am MTL Retreat


Sunday, August 11

10:00 am Worship


Board of Trustees 2018-2019
President                     David Stewart           
President Elect            Lil Woolf             
Finance Trustee          Pam Freeman         
Secretary                     Helen Borland           
Trustee at Large          Katy Lockhart              
Trustee at Large          Larry Wallis          
Trustee at Large          Chloe Morgen
Imm. Past President    Hannah Cowart  
Ministries Team Leaders

Adult Learning             Marilyn Matlock         

Adult Learning             Greg Pattison
Communications         Jay Kiskel                

Communications         Joe Keller  
Community                  Kristan Wagner            
Community                  Brian Freeman
Gardens & Spaces      Beryl Grall
Gardens & Spaces      Hannah Cowart                                   
Justice                         Dave Zenner                
Stewardship                Catalina Akins-Moore  
Worship                       Vacant

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