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Driveway at Northwest

Driveway to Church

Garden and SpacesOur Gardens and Spaces Ministry maintains our five-acre “home in the woods” as an inviting and environmentally sustainable refuge for those seeking a place of peace, social engagement and spiritual growth.

Our Gardens and Spaces Ministry embodies our commitment to our immediate church environment, just as our Earth Ministry embodies our commitment to the wider community.

We are bound to these commitments by our Seventh Unitarian Universalist principle, “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence, of which we are a part.”


Unitarian Universalist Sign with Spring Blooms in BackgroundWe have maintained much of the original natural beauty from when we first selected this location for our church home.

The gardens and other outdoor spaces have recently been enhanced with a new Chalice House playground and backyard retaining wall as well as a butterfly garden. Major steps have been taken toward creating a more park-like setting in our woods.

Future projects include refreshing the patio, pergola and deck, and sprucing up the Sanctuary Window Memorial Garden.


Man with skill saw cutting a board

Improving our Facility

We continually focus on maintaining the charm and environmental efficiency of our building and meeting spaces.

With a grant from Georgia Interfaith Power & Light (GIPL),  a non-profit that engages communities of faith in the stewardship of the earth, we substantially upgraded the insulation  of our main sanctuary building. The benefit was two-fold; saving energy costs and reducing our carbon footprint.

Over the years we have expanded our kitchen facilities, installed sky lights to reduce our dependence on electric lighting and installed large windows in our sanctuary to increase natural lighting.

Paper with a list of tasks for the Garden and Spaces ministry team

Garden & Spaces
To-do List

We always have a to-do list of things that need the attention of our Gardens and Spaces team.

If you have a green thumb, can swing a hammer, or would like to engage in a Saturday clean-up activity, you are very welcome

People sitting outside at picnic table with a shared meal

Fellowship After Workday

to join us. These activities are a great way for newcomers to engage at Northwest, meet people and discover the beauty of our home in the woods.

We have several exciting on-going and planned projects that will continue to enhance our meeting space and educational facilities. Get a little exercise, make a contribution, and help us build community as well as great spaces!

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