October 30, 10 am: When We Disagreed

photo of a snapped branch

We covenant to work with each other to create a vibrant, caring community. Yet there was a time in our Atlanta UU history when we disagreed so severely that our faith community completely collapsed. The story of this fatal disagreement and the rebirth of a vibrant, caring UU community in the 1950s illustrates that loving, respecting and working together truly requires a deep commitment to the principles that bind us together.

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October 9, 10 am: Homecoming and Belonging

Man sitting alone on a bench with his back to the camera, black and white photo

There was a time in history when human beings could expect to know no more than three dozen other human beings over the course of a lifetime. We are, at heart, a communal species. Yet one could hardly fail to notice the disunity that characterizes the contemporary American condition. We are more isolated and more distrustful of our fellows than those early humans could imagine. How can we resolve the often anguished longing of the spirit we experience when we are without close bonds of community?

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September 25, 10 AM: We Who Defy Hate

Photo from jfr.org

In 1939, Rev. Waitstill and Martha Sharp – a Unitarian  minister and his wife – left their children behind in the care of their Wellesley, Massachusetts parish and boldly committed to a life-threatening mission in Europe. Over two dangerous years, they helped to save scores of imperiled Jews and refugees fleeing Nazi occupation. On Tuesday, September 20 on PBS, filmmaker Ken Burns and director Artemis Jourkowsky tell their compelling story in their documentary Defying the Nazis: The Sharps’ War. On this Sunday, we examine the courage of the Sharps and how these times are calling us to summon our own.

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