August 27, 10 am: “Miss-iss-i-ppi” – Ingathering and Water Appreciation Sunday (All Ages Service)

The mighty Mississippi River has flowed through the lives of countless people for thousands of years, and its history includes stories of pain and promise. This past June, over 4,000 Unitarian Universalists added to these stories as we came together in New Orleans and recommitted ourselves to ending white supremacy in all of its forms.

Join us for our annual “ingathering” and water appreciation service as we explore Mississippi River stories of struggle and hope and begin our 2017-18 program year together.

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July 30, 10 am: Being an Ally: Race and Social Justice

During the past year, amidst controversy regarding UUA hiring practices, there has been vigorous debate about the use of the term “white supremacy” and the Black Lives of UU. During this service, Dr. Shan Mukhtar (PhD in Race and Ethnic Studies, Emory University) and David Morgen will discuss how we, individually and as a congregation, can be valuable allies for people of color.

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July 2, 10 am: Seeing It Differently

For resolution of some problems in our lives and in the world, tangible actions are required. Solution to other issues, however, can be as simple as seeing them differently. We’ll explore how breaking the myopic view can serve as a solution to personal problems and how we as UUs can employ a broader-spectrum view – seeing it differently – as a tool to help heal our hurting world.

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