Blessing of the Animals

All pets offer us a Yes – if we’re willing to take them up on the invitation. They offer us a Yes to embracing our sweet and oft-forgotten child self. They offer a Yes to finding our inner wellspring of courage and compassion. They’re a Yes to experiencing the beauty and breadth of human emotion. They’re a Yes to play, a Yes to responsibility, a Yes to the mysterious and amazing birth-life-death cycle that we share with all living things.

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A Mother to Me

As we go from here, may we experience gratitude for those mothers and mother-figures that were extraordinary in their compassion and wise in their admonishments. May we embrace their examples and return the kindness, nurturing and warmth we have received to those in our lives who might need to lean on us for a little mothering, too.

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You Are What You Eat

Earth on a plate with silverware to either side

As Unitarian Universalists who strive to embrace our values in our everyday lives, to intentionally think about all aspects of our food is, perhaps, to also acknowledge that we are what we eat. In other words, if I say that my faith compels me to embark on a responsible search for truth and meaning and then I fail to investigate my food’s source and path to my table, then perhaps I’m eating irresponsibly.

We have the opportunity to approach our food with reverence, with joy and with mindfulness. And, as we do, I believe our mindfulness can lead us to curiosity and our curiosity can lead us to action and change.

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Easter Sunday and Flower Communion

My hope is that we’ll believe that our own lives and zest for living may be resurrected from whatever deadens us, especially fear, loneliness, despair and apathy. The gospel according to Luke . . . and the gospel according to Mark V. . . . tell us that life is never over. The good news – which is the meaning of the word gospel – is that we can each participate in our own restoration by not waiting but, rather, by acting on life.

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A Covenantal People

Covenants offer us a unique opportunity to build the beloved community right here, among people who are both like us and not like us . . . but with whom we share our highest ideals. What a gift our covenants are! They can help us strengthen our muscles of acceptance and understanding in here and then use them out there, where the differences may be greater and our common ground less apparent.

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Waking Up

By Rev. Terry Davis Delivered at Northwest Unitarian Universalist Congregation on March 19, 2017 What does it mean to be spiritually awake? Hannah described it as a place where she sees beauty in everything and has a deep feeling of contentment and peace. We might say that the people in Dana’s story who dug clay and cut down trees to […]

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Acting Like a Naturalist

Regardless of our philosophies or politics, if we can agree that the earth is stunning, generous, and needs our care, then perhaps we have a more hopeful and mutual path to its conservation than we previously imagined. Perhaps our inner naturalist, guided by an ancient instinct to connect intimately with our sacred planet, will help us find even more common ground and a shared sense of holy purpose.

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We Can’t Stop Now

When we witness actions in our country and communities that threaten the well-being of these vulnerable people and our vulnerable planet, we are called to do more than claim that we stand on the side of love. Like Summer and Malala, we must take action. We can’t stop now – especially today. So, what can we do?

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Holy Impatience

What may be needed when times call for courage is not peace and politeness, but, rather, some rough and tumble impatience. Perhaps it’s when we allow ourselves to get in touch with our angry impatience that we’re finally able to get in touch with our nerve.

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