Welcome Rev. Jonathan Rogers

Northwest welcomes our new interim minister, the Reverend Jonathan Rogers. Rev. Rogers is filling the Northwest pulpit following the resignation in December 2017 of the Reverend Terry Davis who had served Northwest since her calling in 2012. Rev. Rogers will serve as interim minister for 18 months, after which Northwest is expected to have a new called minister. Rev. Jonathan […]

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Goodbye, Rev. Terry Davis

With many hugs and some tears, Northwest said goodbye to Rev. Terry Davis. Rev. Davis was warmly welcomed to Northwest in August 2012 as its eighth called minister.  She preached her final sermon on Sunday, December 3, 2017. In her farewell letter published in our December 2017 monthly newsletter, Rev. Terry wrote. Dear Friends, As I write my last newsletter […]

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First Foundations

What will be said of us when Unitarian Universalists in 2115 reflect on their history? The history we will write.

I hope that when that time comes, this pulpit will once again be before a congregation and these words spoken, “After being rooted for so many years, a congregation long ago rose up and said, “We want to flourish!” Their roots went deep, their hopes reached for the sky, their seeds spread far.

And because of them, we stand on their foundations, we are warmed by their light, we are shaded by their trees, we drink from their wells and we profit from persons we did not know.”

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