History of Water Ceremony

The Rev. Dr. Morris W. Hudgins Northwest UU Congregation August 29, 2010 History of Water Ceremony The Water Ceremony or Communion as it is sometimes called started in 1980, at a Women and Religion Conference in East Lansing, Michigan. Carolyn McDade and Lucile Shuck Longview were the creators. It began as a service to empower women. I It was a […]

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What Do You Mean By Faith?

by David R. Hudson October 11, 2009 A few years ago, now, I happened to hear Scott Simon interviewing the actor Tommy Lee Jones on his Saturday morning radio show, Weekend Edition. Tommy Lee Jones is a hard interview; he doesn’t engage in easy conversation. He questions the questions and the assumptions or ignorance behind them. I know this because […]

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Unitarian Universalism and Evangelism

Unitarian Universalism and Evangelism by Jennifer Lynn Dalton I still remember a conversation my husband and I had before I started graduate school. I was talking through the reasons I wanted to be a minister. I told him I wanted to let people know that life wasn’t all about money and stuff that they were not alone in wanting something […]

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