Tending Our Gardens

To gain any satisfaction from gardening, you have to slow down and come out of your head. One has to wait for the plants to produce depending on the season, on the effort and nurturing one puts into it. 

There is also a strong dose of better understanding our own mortality in the passing of seasons and reaping and sowing year after year.

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January 14, 10 am: The Wisdom of MLK: Lessons for Contemporary Survival

The tactics used and the teachings and wisdom exhibited by Martin Luther King (MLK) were a product of their time, but have relevance today with regard to how each of us deals with contemporary challenging social and political issues. This service will explore lessons learned from MLK and how we can individually and collectively utilize those teachings in our attempt to understand, survive, and perhaps start to heal our ever more divisive culture.

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January 2018 UNIverse

The weather outside is frightful, but the warmth of Northwest’s delightful. It gives us some place to grow, Let us go! Let us go! Let us go! Wishing everyone a happy new year as we look forward to making great things happen at and through Northwest. We’re starting the year with a focus on food justice. Read about that and […]

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December 31, 10 am-noon: Walk the Labyrinth

Ring in the New Year with Worship Associates John and Traci Montgomery and others in the Northwest Sanctuary as we give ourselves the gift of walking the labyrinth, which has been generously provided to us again this year by The Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta.

The labyrinth and its many designs date back to pre-historic times. Some think of the labyrinth as symbolic of a spiritual pilgrimage and walk it with an intentional “destination” in mind. Others use the labyrinth to help them quiet the mind and achieve a contemplative state.

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