September 2017 UNIverse

“See you in September” has special meaning at Northwest. It’s the time when our programs resume and the pace of activities picks up after the summer lull. This month is no exception, with multiple opportunities for engagement, volunteering and good fun. Check out everything we have planned in this month’s UNIverse.

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It seems that the train ride across the Mississippi invited Hughes to honor the flow of pain and promise experienced by African Americans, as well as his own deep wisdom.  

At our UUA General Assembly, which took place in New Orleans on the shores of the historic Mississippi, I received an invitation, too, of both a different and similar sort. There was much discussion this year about building greater awareness of the ways we unknowingly perpetuate systems of white supremacy within Unitarian Universalism. Congregations were asked to have courageous and beloved conversations about this so that we can discover where we are in our own awareness journey and what we might do to change and grow.

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August 27, 10 am: “Miss-iss-i-ppi” – Ingathering and Water Appreciation Sunday (All Ages Service)

The mighty Mississippi River has flowed through the lives of countless people for thousands of years, and its history includes stories of pain and promise. This past June, over 4,000 Unitarian Universalists added to these stories as we came together in New Orleans and recommitted ourselves to ending white supremacy in all of its forms.

Join us for our annual “ingathering” and water appreciation service as we explore Mississippi River stories of struggle and hope and begin our 2017-18 program year together.

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