February 26, 10 am: Non-Rational Courage

As it has been in the past, could religion or nationality once again be used to cause people to be subjected to “special treatment?” Rational thinking might suggest that resistance to such state-sanctioned treatment might not be successful. Can we turn to non-rational sources to summon the courage to resist? We’ll explore how we might employ spirituality and other potentially non-rational sources of courage.

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Job Opportunity for Childcare Providers

Northwest seeks two childcare providers to provide a safe, nurturing, welcoming and engaging environment for children up to age four while their parents or guardians are participating in worship services, congregational meetings, programs or events. Hours are Sunday mornings between 9:45 am and 12:45 pm and during other special events as scheduled by the Director of Religious Education.

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February 2017 UNIverse

For some, the grey, cool days of February are a matter of endurance, holding on until light and warmth return in spring. This month, Northwest focuses on courage, on taking steps to celebrate and be the light ourselves through social action and to reach out to others to bring them into the warmth of community and hope. Join us on Sunday mornings as we discuss the challenges of courage and throughout the month as we express it in our actions and our programs.

“An act of courage is always an act of love.” Paulo Coelho

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January 2017 UNIverse

Happy New Year 2017

Start the new year with a moment of reflection and walk the labyrinth on Sunday, Jan. 1. Whatever your resolutions, Northwest has an opportunity (or several) that can help you meet them. Want to read more? Join the Book Groupies. Want more physical or mental exercise? Volunteer for Religious Education. We promise the kids will get you and your neurons moving! Did you recommit to civic involvement? Join us for marches (starting Jan. 21), volunteer with our Share the Plate recipients, teach English at the CAC or see what else is happening each month. Have other interests you’d like to share? Consider a Second Hour program or starting a small group ministry. Learn more about what’s available and where you can make a difference in this month’s UNIverse.

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