December 2016 UNIverse

It’s time to get in the mood for this holiday month! If you need a boost, this weekend provides a nice kick-off. Let your inner elf out for a few hours and help decorate Northwest Saturday morning and then return for a holiday themed Hungry Ear performance. Then, mark your calendars for our annual holiday pageant and lovely candlelight Christmas Eve service. A little overwhelmed by it all? Let the “In the Spirit” contemplative worship service soothe your soul. Looking to share the love? Buy gifts or food for your neighbors in need through the CAC. Find all the details about these activities and more in this month’s UNIverse. Check it out!

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Behind the Baked Loaf

A variety of bread rolls with sesame and poppy seed toppings

by Rev. Terry Davis   Delivered at Northwest Unitarian Universalist Congregation on November 20, 2016   Dear friends, I have a confession to make: I’ve never baked a loaf of bread in my life. Yes, I’ve made my share of what are commonly referred to as “quick breads” – banana bread, zucchini bread, cranberry walnut bread, and corn bread, to name […]

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The Lost Art of Condolences

A black card with With Sympathy written on it and a photo of the deceased, Matiku Nyitambe

And, so if you are grieving today, let’s take the time to honor your pain. Let’s practice the art of condolences with one another by listening with an open heart and by refraining from offering advice or quick fixes. As Rev. Peter Morales said, let’s take a deep breath and give each other the space we need to heal.

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Picking Up the Pieces

A puzzle piece being held up against a bright window

We don’t have to try to forgive, accept, or love those on the other side of our issues – although it seems like, by striving to do so, we’d be throwing Miracle Grow on our spiritual growth. To be a good sport means we can be gracious losers . . . and dispense with the gloating if we’re winners. Because to really win in a world where we depend on one another for peace and prosperity, we really can’t afford to have anyone walk away a loser. We must find a way for all of us to have a place the table – Thanksgiving and otherwise.

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