January 2018 UNIverse

The weather outside is frightful, but the warmth of Northwest’s delightful. It gives us some place to grow, Let us go! Let us go! Let us go! Wishing everyone a happy new year as we look forward to making great things happen at and through Northwest. We’re starting the year with a focus on food justice. Read about that and […]

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December 31, 10 am-noon: Walk the Labyrinth

Ring in the New Year with Worship Associates John and Traci Montgomery and others in the Northwest Sanctuary as we give ourselves the gift of walking the labyrinth, which has been generously provided to us again this year by The Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta.

The labyrinth and its many designs date back to pre-historic times. Some think of the labyrinth as symbolic of a spiritual pilgrimage and walk it with an intentional “destination” in mind. Others use the labyrinth to help them quiet the mind and achieve a contemplative state.

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Goodbye, My Friends

While it’s true that our shared ministry is ending today, another journey for you and for me is about to begin. I feel confident that this congregation will find new life with the guidance of your interim minister and your strong lay leadership. . . . And, while I think it’s safe to assume that you’ll encounter difficulties and conflicts along the way, my hope is that you’ll be there for one another when you do and that you will find your way back to love and peace.

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December 17, 10 am: The Latke Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming (Northwest’s All-ages Holiday Pageant)

A particularly irate latke (a potato pancake served at Hanukkah) is the star of this adapted Lemony Snicket story. There are many other holiday icons that appear and even speak: Christmas lights, holiday candies, Kwanza fruit, the Christmas tree and even the cookies and milk left for Santa. Our Northwest children and youth aim to delight us with our annual holiday pageant, reminding us that the gifts of the season include joy, magic and just plain fun. Come join us!

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December 2017 UNIverse

Rev. Terry Davis speaking at podium

This month we say goodbye to Rev. Terry Davis after her 5-1/2 years of service to our congregation. On December 10, we have our congregational meeting, where we will discuss the search for a new minister, our expansion and other exciting developments–and of course, we have the annual holiday pageant and the lovely candlelight Christmas Eve service. Join us! Read all about these activities in this month’s UNIverse.

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Let’s Say Grace

Perhaps we might think of saying grace not as an opportunity to retrofit a childhood prayer or practice but, rather, as an opportunity to simply pause . . . to simply take in the profound reality that the earth’s profound abundance – as well as profound human and animal sacrifices – have once again brought us life in the form of a protein and two sides on a round plate.

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