October 22, 10 am: The Thing You Never Knew You Had

The word “privilege” is used a great deal in current conversation, but what does it mean? Is privilege some tangible moment or series of moments in our lives? Is it something we may have in one area of our lives, but not another? Perhaps the best definition of privilege is, in the words of one man, “the thing I never knew I had.” Let’s gather together and explore what can be a difficult topic, but one that is absolutely necessary to explore as we move through the world with one another.

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Join UUs at Pride, October 14-15

UUs from North Georgia will march together in the 47th Annual Atlanta PRIDE Festival. Assembly begins at 9:30 am on the streets near the Civic Center MARTA Station. The parade begins at noon. We also have a booth (Yellow 24) at the festival to represent North Georgia UU Congregations. We need volunteers to work at the booth and spread our message on Saturday and Sunday.

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October 2017 UNIverse

In Atlanta, October brings the first break from the heat of summer–but we’re not there yet! If you want to hang out with cool folks who are willing to take some heat to advance social justice, join us at Northwest for a Sunday or two or more this month or show up for one of the great programs featured in this month’s UNIverse.

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When One Door Closes, Another One Opens

My guess is that we all have let go and closed doors on parts of our lives . . . and we’ve had doors unexpectedly close upon us. The pain we experience in these moments may crowd out life’s light for a little while or for a very long time.

But with time and kindness, my hope for you and for me is that it’s also possible for light to re-enter our lives through open doors . . . perhaps just a little at first, but also just enough for us to know that the light is always there.

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October 1, 10 am: Called to This Faith (Installation of Directors of Music and Religious Education)

Religious Education for Northwest children and youth is a special ministry . . . and we are fortunate that Christina Branum-Martin feels called to serve as our Director of Religious Education! Join us for this special service as we officially “install” Christina in her role and we are reminded of the reasons why we are all called to this faith.

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