May 27, 10 am: If You Feel Guilty, You Are Doing Something Right

Let it go, let it go, that perfect girl is gone! Sometimes we know that it’s good to step back from leadership roles for our own sake and for the sake of letting other leaders flourish. But that can feel so abstract, and the need for a group email to get sent out so imminent! In those moments, know that no matter how guilty it makes you feel to not step up and over-function, you are doing something healthy for Northwest.

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May 2018 UNIverse

Atlanta is certainly seeing the proof that April showers bring May flowers. Like our gardens, Northwest is on the verge of coming into full bloom. Read the May UNIverse and learn how you can help us share the beauty of Unitarian Universalism and enjoy the many activities we have planned for this month.

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April 8, 10 am: Seeing, Hearing, Feeling, Are Miracles, and Each Part and Tag of Me Is a Miracle

As Unitarian Universalists, our first principle calls for us to concern ourselves with the good of other people whose lives are distant from our own. But amidst discomfort, confusion, defensiveness, and aggression, how can we foster the sort of empathy and understanding that such concern requires? What sorts of stories can we tell to encourage reexamining assumptions and changing minds and hearts? Let’s explore how we can connect with one another more deeply.

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