Let’s Say Grace

Perhaps we might think of saying grace not as an opportunity to retrofit a childhood prayer or practice but, rather, as an opportunity to simply pause . . . to simply take in the profound reality that the earth’s profound abundance – as well as profound human and animal sacrifices – have once again brought us life in the form of a protein and two sides on a round plate.

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November 26, 10 am: Making Space

While the holidays are certainly a time for joy and relaxation, gratitude and reconnection, they can also be incredibly difficult for many in our midst. The pressure to be happy, to celebrate, can be overwhelming for those
who are experiencing grief, depression, or sadness. How can we make space for those who may not be in a celebratory spirit? How can we make space for ourselves not to be joyful?

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November 12, 10 am: Let’s Say Grace

“Saying grace” before a meal is a way to show our gratitude for the food, family, and friends at our table. But what about saying grace not just at dinner time, but whenever the spirit moves us? Saying grace connects us to all cultures and countries. Let’s explore some prayers of grace from around the world and consider how these words of gratitude might nurture us at any time.

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November 2017 UNIverse

November! There’s so much going on this month at Northwest–Northwest 101, the fall auction, an Open House to honor Rev. Terry Davis, and so much more! Check out what’s planned in this month’s UNIverse and put the dates on your calendar. We look forward to seeing you!

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Keeping the Faith

My hope for you and for me is that whatever we each believe anchors and guides us in rough going. And, while our life experiences will shake us up from time to time and may leave us in doubt about who we are and where our lives are headed, may we know that a strong faith can also be a flexible, fluid and changeable faith . . . and that we may, from time to time, uncover a new and more meaningful strain of it.

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