Unitarian Church of Atlanta – Meeting Minutes, Mar 10, 1908 (Minister Resigns, Union with Universalist)

Atlanta, Ga., March 10, 1908

The regular monthly meeting of the Board or Trustees was held on this date at the office of the Clerk.

Meeting was called to order at 5.20 P.M., Chairman Harding presiding.

Members present Messrs. Harding, Perkins, Watts, Moore.

A letter from Mr. Douglas in which he declined to serve on the New Church committee was received but no action taken.

A letter from Dr. Bowser tendering his resignation to take effect on the last day or April was read; no action taken.

Mr. Watts reporting for the committee appointed to draw up a letter to be sent to such persons as were known to be interests in liberal religion, stated that in view of the possibility of this church uniting with the Universalist Church. No steps had been taken to have the letter published.

Mr. Watts reported for the Conference Committee appointed to confer with a like committee from the Universalist Church outlining the proceedings of the only meeting held to that time.

The Clerk reported the attendance for Feb. services as follows:
Feb 8 – 56
Feb 9 – 58
Feb 18 – 84
Feb 23 – 63
Avg – 60.5

The Treasurer reported funds on hand $19.52 with unpaid bills amounting to $23.80 as per report attached hereto.

No further business was presented and meeting adjourned 5:55.

Report of Treasurer, Unitarian Church March 10, 1908

Date Description Amount
 Balance on Hand Feb 11 as per report  $57.33
 Feb 16  Basket & Envelope Collections  $16.65
 Feb 23  Basket & Envelope Collections $14.06
 Mar 1  Basket & Envelope Collections $13.53
 Mar 2  Jno. L. Moore quarterly $25.00
 Hamilton Douglas quarterly $12.50
 T.C. Perkins quarterly $12.50
 Mrs. Scott, subscription in full  $25.00
 Mar 8  Basket & Envelope Collections $12.35
 Total $188.92


Date Description Amount Amount
 Feb 19  W.M. Francis $5.38
 Feb 25  W.M. Francis $22.45
 Randall Brosm $11.00
 Mar 2  Rev. A.T. Bowser, Salary $125.00
 Mar 10  E.T. Payne, Water .60
 Georgia Ry & Elec. Co. $4.97
 Balance on hand $19.52
$188.92 $188.92

Balance: $19.92

Bills due and unpaid
Mrs. Lederle $6.00
Mr. Mueller $10.00
Mr. Francis, Flowers $6.00
Total $22.00



T.C. Perkins, Treasurer

Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 26   Folder: 02   Book: 02  Page: 261
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

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