Northwest – Letter, Northwest to MARTA Thanking MARTA to Indefinite Loan of Windows Oct 31, 1978

October 31, 1978

Mr. Alan F. Kiepper
General Manager
Metropolitan Atlanta
Rapid Transit Authority
2200 Peachtree Summit
401 West Peachtree St. N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30308


Subject: Abbey Restaurant Stained Glass Window           (LN 170)

Dear Mr. Kiepper,

We are delighted that the MARTA Board has agreed to the indefinite loan of the above window to the Northwest Unitarian Congregation. This window is a wonderful historical link to our heritage and history in the Atlanta area. We are deeply appreciative of your thoughtful consideration and sensitive helpfulness in making this loan a possibility.

We will be displaying this window in our building for the benefit of all Atlanta Unitarians and will hold a public dedication celebration when the display is completed. We especially want to acknowledge our indebtedness to you and the MARTA Board during our dedication celebration.  We hope that you or a MARTA representative will be able to attend. We will advise you as soon as possible as to the date.

We additionally want to commend Mr. Richard Stanger of your staff for his able and thoughtful attention in this matter.

The sensitivity and thoughtfulness displayed by you and the MARTA Board about the historical value of structures that must be removed to facilitate progress and community growth is to be celebrated. This is an unseen side of that awesome responsibility you carry for the entire community. Please know that at least a few of us are aware and grateful for your efforts,


Robert W. Karnan, DMn.



Cc: Richard Stanger

bcc:  Kay Montgomery  Peggy Beard Ray Levine  Stan LeBow

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