Liberal Christian Church – Meeting Minutes, Oct 5 1926 (Financial Need)


Regular Meeting of Board of Trustees.

October 5, 1926.

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Liberal Christian Church was held at the Kimball House Restaurant at 6 p.m., Tuesday, October 5, 1926, and Messrs. Harding, Blake, Rogers, and Scott, and Mrs. Perry were in attendance, the absentees being Mr. Knox and Mrs. Stanford. Mr. T. C. Perkins, chairman of the Finance Committee, was also in attendance.

After all had eaten supper together, President Harding called the meeting to order and the minutes of the regular meeting of September 7th and the special meetings of September 12th and October 3d were read and approved. The Treasurer, Mr. Rogers, as usual, handed to those present a financial statement up to and including October 5th, showing a balance on hand of $584.64. (The statement follows this report.)

President Harding at this time read a communication from Dr. Samuel Eliot thanking the Board for the telegram sent at the time of his father’s death. Upon motion of Mr. Blake, this letter was made a part of the official records. (See attached sheet.)

The question of taxes on the property of the church for the current year was then brought up, and Mr. Blake was instructed to interview the city officials and report to the Board.

Mr. Perkins was then called upon to report on the finances of the church. He showed that with the present balance and the expected payments on pledges, etc., we should have sufficient funds to carry on into the new year. To care for the needed revenue for next year, it was first planned to make an every member canvass and then to take up with headquarters and arrange to borrow such amount, under $3000.00, as may be necessary. Mr. Perkins gave a very encouraging report.

Mrs. Perry then asked the permission of the Board for the use of the church for the League of Women Voters. A motion was then carried granting Mrs. Perry the use of the church at a cost not to exceed $10.00, with the understanding that this action must not be considered a precedent.

The matter of the Parish House was next taken up, and it was reported that the tenant had already vacated the house. The “house committee” was requested to see that the lower floor was made ready for the use of the Sunday school. After some discussion, it was thought best to await the arrival of Rev. Clinton Scott before doing anything with upper apartment or fixing the steam plant.

The meeting was then adjourned.


Financial statement Liberal Christian Church, 301 West Peachtree Street, Atlanta, covering period January 1st to and including October 5, 1926.

Comments Sub Total Total
Balance on Hand, Jan. 1st, 1926 $211.06
1925 Pledges paid in 1926 $125.00
Interest from U.G.C. Fund $1,060.30
2/3rds Rev. Lewis’ Dunham’s and Scott
s expenses returned
Returned from Christmas Tree Fund $2.65
Rent from Parish House $600.00
Against 1926 Pledges $1.046.46
From other regular contributions $49.95
Plate Collections $294.93 $3,415.63
Total $3,626.69
1925 Expenses paid out of 1926 receipts:
Choir and Music $40.00
Coal $16.50
Repairs to Furnace $7.50
Note, Fourth National Bank $400.00
Pulpit Supply $82.00 $546.00
1926 Expenses:
Church Supper, January Meeting $16.20
Refreshments and Entertainment $14.40
Coal $23.75
Interest on Parish House Loan $262.50
1925 City Taxes $58.57
Rev. L.L. Lewis’ Expenses $144.93
Rev. S.D. Butler’s Expenses $40.00
Rev. S.G. Dunham’s Expenses $124.01
Rev. C. Scott’s Expenses $87.00
Repairs to Organ $80.50
Repairs to the Parish House $278.86
Commission Paid to Renting Agent $30.00
Fire Insurance $27.30
Universalist General Convention $25.00
American Unitarian Association $25.00
Water, Lights and Gas $76.90
Advertising, Postage, Stationary, Etc. $181.33
Janitor and Supplies $144.68
Pulpit Supply $384.00
Choir and Music $370.00
Delegate to Orlando Convention $40.00
Jewish Relief $25.00
Miscellaneous $36.12 $2,496.05
Cash on Hand September 13, 1926 $584.64
Total $3,626.69

Respectfully submitted,

Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 26   Folder: 03
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

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