Liberal Christian Church – Meeting Minutes, Nov 13, 1925 (Annual Meeting)


Atlanta, Ga., 6:30 P. M. November 13th, 1925.

Following a delightful church supper served, as usual, by the Woman’s Union, the President, Mr. Harding, culled the assembly to order for the transaction of business. Before asking for reports Mr. Harding spoke at length of the work of the church for the year making some comparisons between the present financial status and that of the preceding year. He showed the situation was such as to challenge the interest and loyalty of every member.

At the conclusion of the President’s address Mr. R. C. Knox Superintendent of the Sunday School, was introduced. He spoke briefly of the equipment and personnel of the school recounting the fact that the school room had been greatly beautified during the year and lauding very highly his corps of teachers and officers. He pled earnestly for a census of the potential membership of the school and the support of every one in securing the maximum attendance.

Mr. Knox was followed by Mrs. H. C. Blake, President of the Business Woman’s Club. Mrs. Blake spoke very interestingly of the Club’s activities as related to the work of the church.

Mrs. Calvin Stanford, president of the Woman’s Union, then introduced Mrs. McCall, the Secretary of the Union, who gave a very interesting report of the activities of that organization. The Woman’s Union is one of the strongest and most helpful organizations in the church and the year’s report of progress was received with enthusiasm.

The Men’s Club was next called upon and the President, Mr. Wroth, responded and showed how the club had, aside from its monthly programs, which had been very instructive and helpful to the members, taken an interest in the Sunday School, swelling particularly the numbers of the Adult class and rallying to the support of the church and school in the several appeals for funds to improve the school room, provide for the entertainment of the Southern Unitarian Conference and all other interests of the church.

In introducing Miss Marian Fisher, president of the Young People’s Union Mr. Harding called attention to the important work being done by that organization and Miss Fisher, in her report, showed conclusively that the president’s praise of the organization was not misplaced. The young people meet each Sunday evening for supper and a half hour of recreation followed by religious service. They also have charge of the church service one Sunday during the year and send delegates to the state and tri-state meetings and are taking an important part in the work of the young people of the two National bodies.

The retiring pastor, Rev. E. J. Bowden, then submitted his report. He reviewed the leading events of the year, commenting upon the matters of chief interest. In closing he feelingly thanked the various organizations for their support during his pastorate and earnestly urged continued loyalty to the church on the part of all.

The President called attention to the illness of Dr. Rowlett and upon motion the Secretary was directed to write a letter of sympathy and express the hope of the church that he would be quickly restored to health.

The matter of the election of Trustees and other officers came up for discussion and some difficulty being found in the effort to determine whose terms had expired, and the suggestion being made that the entire Board resign, Mr. Faulkner moved that the election be postponed and that a Steering Committee be appointed to look into the church records, reorganize the finances and in general take charge of the affairs of the church, reporting at a call meeting at as early a date as possible. The motion was unanimously carried and the President appointed the committee as follows – Jas. P. Faulkner, Chairman, W. J. Draper, T. C. Perkins, Mrs. H. W. Jones and Mrs. U. L. McCall.

Adjournment was then taken to meet again on call of the committee.

R. C. Knox, Clerk pro tem.

Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 26   Folder: 03
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA


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