Installation of Rev. W. S. Vail Wichita Unitarian Church – 1894

Wichita, Kan.—The installation of Rev. W. S. Vail at Wichita took place Thursday evening, February 15.

The order of service as follows:

  • Invocation and Scripture reading, Rev. T. B. Forbush of Chicago
  • Sermon, Rev. W. W. Fenn of Chicago
  • Prayer, Rev. Abram Wyman of Topeka
  • Fellowship of the churches, Rev. W. W. Fenn
  • Act of installation, Hon. R. A. Sankey of Wichita
  • Address to the church, Rev. T. B. Forbush

It was greatly regretted that Mr. Roberts of Kansas City and Mr. Howland of Lawrence were unavoidably prevented from assisting in the service. Their absence, coupled with the fact that Messrs. Fenn and Wyman were obliged to return North Friday morning, prevented the conference which had been planned for that day and evening.

Mr. Vail, who succeeds Rev. E. R. Shippen at Wichita, is well known in the West, having been the pastor of a large Universalist church at St. Paul, Minn., for some seven years. Being attracted to the Unitarian fellowship, he resigned his St. Paul pulpit, and accepted the Wichita call. He is winning golden opinions from all with whom he comes in contact. The Wichita church is in good condition. The congregation fills the hall. The Sunday-school is excellent, and the Ladies’ Society is active and efficient. Steps are already being taken to secure a satisfactory church home, which, when completed, will place the society on a permanent and substantial basis.

Source: Google Books The Unitarian, Volume 9 Vol IX  April 1894  No. 4  Page 192

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