First Universalist Church – Meeting Minutes, Jul 30, 1906 (New Order of Business)

Atlanta, Ga. July 30, 1906

The Board of Trustees of the First Universalist Church of Atlanta, Ga. which was elected a the annual Parish Meeting July 6th, 1906 with the following members present met this date:

  • B.W. Bradford
  • F.M. Marsh
  • G.D. Coleman
  • B.G. West
  • H.C. Blake
  • C.T. Garrett
  • Mr. Morly of the absent E.J. Moran old board

And proceeded to organize by electing Marsh temporary Chairman and Garrett temporary secretary. With this accomplished, the election of permanent officers was taken up:

  • Mr. Bradford was nominated by Blake for president; seconded by West and unanimously elected.
  • Mr. Marsh was nominated by Garrett for Vice-president; seconded by Blake and unanimously elected.
  • Mr. West was nominated by Blake for Treasurer; seconded by Garrett and unanimously elected.

After permanent organization, the board engaged in a general discussion relative to the systematic handling of the business and to adopt some method which we could work in a business like manner and the following system was unanimously agreed on.

1st Calling of members of the Board
2nd Song
3rd Prayer
4th Reading Minutes
5th Report of Committees
6th Unfinished Business
7th New Business
8th Treasurer’s Report
9th Good of the Church

Motion by Garrett and seconded by Marsh: That it is the duty of each and every member of the Board of Trustees to attend all sales conducted by the ladies of the church at night. Particularly “Rummage Sales” and that the President divide the members of the board into two sections of three members each who shall alternately attend such sales each night for protection and encouragement to the ladies. It shall be the duty of the President to attend these sales each night to see that the members of the board live up to this agreement.

And it is agreed, that for each failure to attend these sales, the absentee will pay over to the Treasurer $1.00 as a fine for non-attendance; unanimously carried. (See Archivist Note below)

Motion by West that Blake be put in line for Superintendent of the Sunday School with Coleman as Asst. Superintendent. Seconded by Blake; unanimously carried.

Treasure reported as follows:

Balance on hand from last report: $13.93
Receipts as per subscriptions: $53.25
Total: $67.18
Disbursements: $23.83
Balance on hand: $43.35

Motion by Garrett, seconded by Marsh, that voucher for $23.83 be drawn in favor of the Treasurer to cover the sundry bill which he had paid. Carried

Motion by West and seconded by Marsh, that voucher to cover the account of C.W. Russell for $7.55 be drawn to be paid on approval of the bill by Dr. Hitchcock. Carried

Motion by Blake; seconded by Marsh, that Garrett be authorized to purchase ten tons of coal, not cost over $3.50 per ton. Carried.

It is unanimously agreed that the second Monday night in each month shall be the state time for the regular monthly meetings of this Board which shall be in the Church Parlors, unless otherwise notified.

No other business, the board adjourned until next regular meeting.


C.T. Garrett, Secretary

Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 60 Folder: 01 Pages: 124 – 126
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

Archivist Note: A large race riot had occurred in Atlanta Sept 22 – 24, 1906.  The reference to “protection” may have been a  concern over these riots. If a member of the board did not attend an appointed ladies meeting, he would be fined $1.00.  Board also reviewed Treasurer’s report and ordered several vouchers drawn to pay bills. Board also agreed that the second Monday of each month shall be the meeting time for the Board.

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