First Universalist Church Meeting Minutes, Jan 17, 1900 (Annual Meeting)

January 17, 1900

Annual Meeting at G.F. Hall. Although a stormy night there was quite a nice representations of the friends and members of The First Universalist Church present. A nice supper was prepared by the ladies and a table set sufficient to feed many more than there was to be fed.

After the supper was served the chairman of Finance Committee announced that the affairs so far as morning was concerned were straighten up. President of the board Marsh called the meeting to order.

The members of the board present were. Marsh, Fincher, Crone, Gill and Dr. McGlauflin.

The report of the last annual meeting were read and accepted. Also the report of the Treasurer. Next came the report of Dr. McGlauflin, which was read with applause. Report from the Woman’s Mission Circle reported a prosperous year everything considered. Mrs. Beck who made the report said that they had not divided themselves into sections the first year as they had in 1898 but had worked all together and raised from all source $126.65 had paid towards Pastor’s salary their pledge of $100. The balance being used in the discretion of the Circle for such purposes as the saw fit.

Miss Herllam reported for Y.P.C.U. (Archivist Note: Young People’s Christian Union) that it had been a pleasant and successful year with them. That they had held the meetings regularly and during the absence of the Pastor had taken the place of the morning services at the Hall.

The Sunday School report showed an increase generally both as to the attendance and interest and promised to show still better results the coming year. The amount raised by the entire church for the year was (Archivist: no figure presented in written document)
After receiving all the reports, a nominating committee consisting of Dr. McGlauflin, Mrs. Holtz, Mr. Crone, Chas. Thomas and Mrs. Beck were appointed who nominated for the following year the officers

President: R. M. Crone
Secretary: Jos. Fincher
Treasurer: F. M. Marsh
W.C. Gill
J.E. Bond
A.E. Holdt
J.G. Thrower

On motion it was voted that the Secretary should cast the vote electing the whole ticket. Thereafter, the New President was escorted to the chair and presided. Further business consisted of electing Mr. Crone chairman of the finance committee and voting in as associate members Mr. Booth and Mr. J.G. Thrower both being voted as business members of the church, and taking a list of volunteer pledges for the coming expenses of the church. Pastor’s salary gets the amount of between $450.00 and $500.00 being pledged. Plans adopted regarding the payment of pledges making some due monthly or weekly so that expenses accruing might be met with unnecessary delays.

A very beautiful and encouraging address was given by Mrs. Quimby who stated that she pledged her best efforts towards helping this endeavor and that she felt since we had the right man in the right place as a leader, Dr. McGlauflin, this statement brought for the bond and long cheers from the congregation. After a song and benediction, meeting adjourned.

Signed, Jos. Fincher, Secty

Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 60 Folder: 01  Pages: 1 – 2
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

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