Church of Our Father – Meeting Minutes Sep 21, 1893 (Terms of A.U.A. $2,000 Loan)

Atlanta, Ga. Sep 21, 1893
A special meeting of the members of the Church of Our Father to meet at the church on Sept 21st at 8 o’clock pm for the purpose of taking action in regard to the important communication received from the American Unitarian Association.

A quorum being present, the Clerk called the meeting to order and Mr. Geo. H. Crafts was elected chairman.

Mr. Dixon read the following letter:

American Unitarian Association
25 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass.
Sept 14, 1893

Mr. John Y. Dixon Treasurer
Dear Sir,

In the absence of our Treasurer I now write you in regard to the results of our meeting. It was the committee’s unanimous opinion that at present the Association’s relation to the Church of Our Father in the matter of the original transaction should not be disturbed. That is, that the Association should continue to hold the deed of the property for which, in 1883, it paid $7000.

This point having been then settled, the only thing left to do seemed to be this.  To take a new note from the church for $2,000, dated Oct 1 for term of say three years at 5% payable sum annually. Such note to be authorized by vote of the church.

On receipt of such vote, with copy of vote, our Treasurer will return to you the note of Oct 30, 1890 for $1,000 and interest, crediting the church with the payment of that debt by receipt of $1,000 principal and $150 – at three years interest or $1,150.

A receipt for the interest due on the original $7,000 for $350 and a check for $500. Total – $2,000.

Your church will of course understand that in arriving at this result our committee fully recognizes the fact that this property which the Association owns in Atlanta it holds for the benefit of the Unitarian church in that place and considers that for this very reason, the arrangement proposed is advisable.

They will understand that the term of the note is immaterial as the purpose will be to service it, so for as may be necessary, to put the $2,000 – as to time of payment on a basis acceptable to your church.

Yours Truly,

Geo. W. Fox, Asst. Secy

Mr. Thomas H. Kennedy presented the following resolution which was unanimously adopted.

Resolved: That John Y. Dixon, Treasurer, is hereby authorized to execute a note in the name and for the Church of Our Father for the sum of two thousand dollars dated Oct 1st, 1893 and made payable to the American Unitarian Association at the expiration of three years from said date.

Said note to bear interest at the rate of five percent per annum payable. Sums annually (paid) namely on the first day of April and day of October of 1894, 1895 and 1896 and the considerations to be received by him as Treasurer of the church is to be as follows:

Item I: The cancellation and return of former notes of $250 – each and notes for interest executed to said American Unitarian Association Oct 30, 1890 being interest at 5% principal $1,000 – three years interest $150. Total $1,150.

Item II: Receipt for annual interest due said Association for year ending April 1st, 1893 – $350.

Items III: Sum of $500 in cash to be applied for payment of lien for street pavements and other obligations owed by this church at total consideration of Two Thousand dollars.


H.M. Currier, Clerk

Archivist Note: As best as it is understood, the Church of Our Father consolidated (1) unpaid interest ($350) on their original $7,000 loan for building the church in 1884 and (2) the principal ($1,000) and unpaid interested ($150) from a 1890 loan, into a new loan that include $500 in new funds. Total ($350 + $1,000 + $150 + $500) $2,000.

Physical Archive: UUCA   Box: 25   Folder: 03   Book: 01   Pages: 178 – 179
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

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