Church of Our Father – Meeting Minutes of Sep 1,1890 (Rev. Galvin Act as Pastor)

During July and August the Secretary was absent from meetings and Secretary’s pro tem failed to deliver him minutes taken at the meetings held.

The matters acted upon legally calling Mr. P. Galvin to act as pastor during Mr. Chaney’s absences which extended to Oct second Sunday.

The screen for shielding of the choir was erected.

The Committee of Care Church Property had repairs made on dwelling on church property, acting under direction of the board. The repairs being made in October.

E.P. Burns, clerk

Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 26   Folder: 02 Book: 02  Pages: 62
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

Archivist Note:

The entry in the meeting book was undated.  Use Sep 1, 1890 as an assumed date given no minutes taken in July and August.

From a review of Atlanta contemporary newspapers, it is announced on Jul 13, 1890 that Rev. P. Galvin, of Mississippi, will preach at the Church of Our Father. Rev. Galvin is also listed as the preaching minister on July 20 and August 3.

There is, however, no minister mentioned in church service announcements posted in the Atlanta papers August 10, 17 and 24.   Then in the August 31 notice, Rev. Galvin is listed as the pastor of the Church of Our Father.

In the Sep 7, 1890 notice in the newspaper announcing services at the Church of Our Father, it is indicated that Rev. P. Galvin is preaching and that Rev. Chaney is the pastor, but oddly mis-spells Rev. G.L. Chaney’s name as “Rev. G.E. Chaney.”

In the Sep 21, 1890 church notice in the newspaper, Rev. Galvin is not mentioned; Rev. Chaney is noted as the pastor of the Church of Our Father, but another odd mis-spelling appears, “Rev. G.E. Chane.”

Also in the Sep 21, 1890 paper there is a lengthy article of a discourse delivered by Rev. Galvin on Sep 14.

The Sep 28, 1890 church announcement continued to mis-spell of Rev. G.L. Chaney’s name (Rev. G.E. Chane), referred to him as the pastor and made no mention of the preaching minister.

At the board’s Sep 29, 1890 meeting, it is noted that Rev. Chaney has indicated that he is resigning his pastorate of the Church of Our Father. This information may have been known to the church board earlier, resulting in the listing of Rev. Galvin as pastor.  At that same meeting a recommendation is made to call Rev. Galvin as the pastor of the Church of Our Father for the next year.

A October 5, 1890 newspaper article announces that “Rev. George L. Chaney, returned to the city yesterday and will preach a the Unitarian church.”

During the October 1890 boarding meeting a vote is taken to reverse the calling of Rev. Galvin as pastor of the church made at the board meeting a month earlier.

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