Church of Our Father – Meeting Minutes of Nov 28, 1890 (Standing Committee Elected)

Atlanta, Ga. Nov 28, 1890
The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Church of Our Father was held this date seven thirty o’clock pm.

Mr. Dixon acted as Chairman.

Being the first meeting of the year, a permanent chairman was to be chosen. Mr. Dixon was elected unanimously.

The appointment of the committees for the year being next in order; it was done resulting as follows:

  • Committee of Ways and Means – Kennedy, Crafts and Dixon and one to be appointed
  • Committee of Care of Property – Kennedy (chairman), Harding, Dixon
  • Committee of Music – Crafts (chairman), Harding, Fisher
  • Committee Operation of Church – Gardner (chairman), Winslow, Burns

Next the committee on Operation of the Church was instructed to write Mr. Westall to spend the month of January with us at a rate of twenty dollars per Sunday. Done.

Upon motion duly seconded, an application from Mrs. Mimms and others was read asking the use of the church next Sunday afternoon (Nov 30) for services of Christian Science Society. The request was granted by adoption of resolution of Mr. Gardner and seconded by Mr. Crafts

The Music Committee asked authorization to procure a piano for use in the church during the holiday. It was give by unanimous vote.

The auxiliary committee was instructed to have a Christmas tree prepared.

Mr. Dixon read a circular which met with the approval of the entire Board ad he was authorized to publish it.

The Committee on Care Church Property was instructed to procure a sign for the church.

The Committee on Operation of Church was instructed to investigate the mater of temporal entertainment for the church members as a body



E.P Burns , Clerk,

Physical Archive: UUCA   Box: 26   Folder: 02 Book: 02 Pages: 65 – 66
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

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