Church of our Father – Meeting Minutes of Mar 27, 1883 (Establish Church)

Church Meetings and Doings

Tuesday, March 27, 1883

A meeting was called in room No. 7 Kimball House, at 4 o’clock pm.

Present – W.H. Snowden, J.R. Hodge, J.A. Burns, Frank Lederle, G.L. Norrman, Mrs. W.C. Morrill, Miss Coolidge, Mrs. J Sever, Mrs. J.R. Hodge, Mrs. W.H. Snowden, Mrs. G.L. Chaney.

The meeting was organized by the choice of Mr. J.A. Burns, Chairman, and Mr. Frank Lederle, Secretary.

Mr. Chaney asked the Divine blessing.  He then explained that the object of the meeting.  He said that the time had come for giving organized form to the interest we felt on the establishment of a new church in Atlanta.  At an informal conference of gentlemen previously held, a committee had been appointed to prepare a form of covenant for the consideration of those who should meet to form a church.  He then read a Covenant and Constitution and each article was separately considered and passed upon.  It was finally adopted.

Mr. Burns stated that there was a piece of property now in the market, which would be very eligible for a church building.  It was located on the corner of Forsyth and church streets.  It had a building on it which rented for $50.00 per month. There would be room on Church St. to erect a chapel without disturbing the house for the present.

After due consideration it was voted to appoint a committee of three, consisting of Messrs. Burns, Snowden and Norrman to negotiate for the purchase of the property.  Mr. Chaney was requested to cooperate with this committee.

The same committee was requested to secure a suitable place for holding our Sunday services as we had already had the use of the United States District Court room longer then we or its guardian had intended.

All present and residing in Atlanta signed the Covenant and Constitution thus uniting with the Church and securing its formation.

The meeting then adjourned to meet at the call of the Building Committee.

Frank Lederle,  Secy pro tem

Physical Archive: UUCA   Box: 25   Folder: 02   Book: 01   Pages 106 – 107
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

Archivist Note: Although these notes are the first meeting minutes of the new church, they appear on pages 106 – 107 of the meeting minute book.  The earlier pages in the meeting book contain entries for the church covenant, member signatures, baptisms, marriages and deaths.

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