Church of Our Father – Meeting Minutes of Jun 12, 1892 (Non Attendance and Other Matters)

Atlanta, Ga. Jun 12, 1892
The adjourned meeting of the members of the congregation of the Church of Our Father was called to order by Mr. Harding, President of Trustees.

In the absence of the Clerk, Mr. Behre was appointed Clerk, pro tem.

The several members and committees appointed to examine the several (points) in the report of the committee of the previous meeting report thus viz –

1st The pastor commented very earnestly on the non-attendance of many of the members of the church and expressed hope that all would aid him in the progress of his labors by, at least, coming to the services regularly.

2nd The committee on arrangements for the series of popular lectures “reported that Dr. W. A. Glover (See Archivist Note below) had very kindly consented to give a course of public lectures with the view of interesting all classes of citizens. These lectures to be held just as soon as it might suit the pleasure of the Doctor.”

This report was accepted and the committee consisting of Mr. Crafts and the pastor was requested to thank Dr. Glover on behalf of the congregation for his kind offer.

Mr. Schumann moved that the pastor’s sermons (Abe reviewed in short for publication in the daily papers on Monday following the sermon. Seconded and voted.

Mr. Schumann kindly accepted the appointment to carry out the requirements of the above resolution.

On motion it was voted that a committee of three consisting of Messrs. Dixon, Behre and Crafts be made to look after the local distribution of Unitarian reading matter.

The suggestion of the committee that this church establish a mission church at the West End was not carried in. The body believing that such a step would divide our forces and our strength.

Mr. Dixon moved that the motion made and carried at the preceding meeting regarding the call to the pastor for the year 1892-3 through the Board of Trustees be rendered and the congregation in meeting assembled call Mr. Cole (see paper marked A).

This motion was carried by a unanimous standing vote.

No further business appearing, the meeting adjourned.


C.H. Behre, Clerk, pro tem.

Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 25   Folder: 03   Book: 01   Pages: 169 – 170
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

 Archivist Note: A notice in the Jul 11, 1892 Atlanta paper shows that Dr. W.H. Glover occupied the pulpit in the absence of Rev. Cole. In Jan 1893, the newspapers have notices of Dr. Glover providing a series of lectures on the “labor question” at the Church of Our Father.

Summaries Rev. George Leonard Chaney’s sermons were regularly published in the Atlanta papers for Apr 1884 through 1890. Summaries of Rev. Cole’s sermons also appeared in the papers in from 1891 – 1894. Summaries of sermons by other ministers also frequently appeared in the paper.

Newspaper articles are not part of the Pitts Theology Library collect.  Contact Archivist for access.

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