Church of Our Father – Meeting Minutes of Jul 20, 1891 (Call Rev. Cole As Pastor)

Atlanta, Ga. Jul 20, 1891
Special meeting of the Church of Our Father called by the Trustees.
The hour (8 o’clock PM) having arrived, the meeting was called to order by Bro. J.Y. Dixon.

Bro. S.C. Morley was elected chairman and the clerk being absent, Bro. H.M. Currier was elected clerk pro tem.

Bro. Dixon briefly stated, “that the meeting was called for the purpose of taking action in the matter of calling a minister to the charge of the church and for the transaction of any other business that may be presented.”Bro. Geo. H. Crafts moved that a call be given to Rev. William Roswell Cole to become the pastor of this church. After being freely discussed by all the members present the motion was unanimously adopted.

Upon motion of Bro. Dixon, it was voted that a committee be appointed to convey the call to Mr. Cole and offer him a salary of thousand dollars a year.

In accord with the above motion, the chair appointed Bros. John Y. Dixon, J.E. Harding and Geo. H. Crafts a special committee.

Bro. Dixon read a communication from Bro. E.P. Burns resigning his office as clerk. Bro. Harding moved and it was voted that Bro. Burns resignation be accepted.

The meeting then voted to proceed to the election of a clerk and Bros. J.E. Harding and H.M. Currier were put in nomination whereupon Bro. Dixon moved and it was voted to instruct Bro. Crafts to deposit the vote of the church for H.M. Currier which he proceeded to do. Bros. Dixon and Harding were appointed tellers by the chair.

On the close of the ballot, Bro. Currier was declared duly elected Clerk vice Bro. Burns resigned.

Bro. Crafts offered the following resolution which was considered and adopted as read.

Resolved! That a Welcoming Committee be appointed by the chair to be composed of people interested in the welfare of our church.

Their duties shall be to welcome all attendants at the services and entertainment of the society. To make the people acquainted with each other and with the Pastor and especially to make strangers welcome and if they show an interest in the church, introduce them to the pastor and people and to make them feel at home among us.

This committee shall keep a record of the attendance at all services and make a report (monthly) to the Trustees of their doings. They shall appoint their own officers and times of meeting and are authorized to increase their numbers at any time or to call upon any member of the church to act with them.

In accord with the above resolution, the chair appointed the committee as follows: Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Behre, Mr. and Mrs. Julies E. Watts, Mr. and Mrs. Will Haight, Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Walker, Mr. and Mrs. A.V. Gude, Miss Helena Schumann, Miss Leonora Schumann and Miss Isabel Roach.

No other business appearing, it was moved and voted to adjourn without date.


H.M. Currier, Secretary

Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 25   Folder: 02   Book:  01   Pages: 162 – 163
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA


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