Church of Our Father – Meeting Minutes, May 30, 1895 (Financial Statement, Property, Leasing)

Atlanta, May 30, 1895

A postponed meeting.

Present: Crafts, Currier, Harding, Lederle, Peck, Winslow and Rev. Cole.

Minutes of the last two meetings were read and approved.

Mr. Crafts from the Ways and Means Committee presented a financial statement as follows:

Present Indebtedness Amt Amt
A.U.A. $400.00
Wachendoff $6.00
Rev. R. Cole $215.00
Estry Organ Company $60.00
Insurance $20.00
Total Indebtedness $701.00
Estimated Expenses for Balance of Year
A.U.A. $50.00
Rev. W.R. Cole $500.00
Estry Organ Company $50.00
Insurance $70.00
Taxes $128.00
Janitor $35.00
Gas, etc. $15.00
Music $60.00
Total Estimated Expenses  $908.00
Total $1,609.00
Estimated Income for Balance of Year
Subscriptions $130.00
Collections $40.00
Rents $275.00
A.U.A. $250.00
Street Paving Tax $75.00
Total Estimated Income $770.00
Difference Expenses vs. Income -$839.00
Cash on Hand $59.00
Amount to be Raised  $780.00

The statement was accepted and the Ways and Means Committee was requested to make extra efforts to raise the amount needed.

Mr. Currier from Committee on Operations of Church reported that the Committee recommended that the church be kept open during the minister’s vacation. On motion, the report was accepted and the recommendation adopted. Also that the Committee recommended that the Sunday School be reorganized by the Election of a Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent, a Secretary and Treasurer, an organist and a Musical Leader.  Which was adopted.

The Clerk called the attention of the Board to the action of the special meeting of the Church held May 26. Which was a request that the Trustees notify the Saturday Night Club to find another place for their meetings. On motion the request was laid on the table until the next meeting.

Mr. Peck reported for the Committee on Church Property that the house property had been leased for one year form Sept 1st, 1895 on the same terms as the present lease and recommended that the Treasurer be empowered to sign papers and receive contact notes for same.  On motion the report was accepted and adopted.

Mr. Peck also reported that he had complied with the request of the Board in regard to placing the House property in the hands of agents for sale.

Mr. Crafts for special committee on street paving tax reported progress.

No other business appearing, the Board adjourned.


H.M. Currier, Clerk

Physical Archive: UUCA Box: 26 Folder: 02 Book: 02 Pages: 125 – 127
Citation: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Records, RG 026, Archives and Manuscripts Dept., Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, Atlanta GA

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