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November 19, 1972 - Heritage and Hope A Personal View by Dr. Robert Wells

The opportunity that I have had in the past week has been an experience that I would recommend to each of you. A formal presentation of one’s views requires an analysis and search that can be both rewarding and frustrating.

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June 1, 1970 - Unitarian Congregations in Ante-Bellum Georgia by George Gibson

COLONIES of commercial men in the seaport cities of the ante-bellum South were not unlike enclaves on a foreign shore. The colonists’ birth, education, tastes, and sometimes even their religion and politics were strongly bound to New England. For practical

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January 1, 1970 - Unitarians and Universalists of the Southeastern United States During the 19th Century by Earl Wallace Cory 1970

Unitarians and Universalists of the Southeastern United States During the 19th Century Earl Wallace Cory B.A. Degree from Linfield College, 1957 M.A. Degree from the University of Georgia, 1961 A Dissertation Submitted to Graduate Faculty of the University of Georgia

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April 18, 1966 - Unitarian Church in Atlanta, 1882-1908

Early in 1882, George Leonard Chaney, late of a Boston pastorate, arrived in Atlanta to test the possibility of resuscitating Southern Unitarianism. Following the Civil War, only the churches at Charleston, South Carolina and New Orleans survived, but by 1884 even these had disappeared; elsewhere, slavery, before the outbreak of hostilities, had tended to discourage substantial activity by liberal religionists.

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February 1, 1934 - History of Universalism in Atlanta 1879 to 1934

HISTORY OF UNIVERSALISM IN ATLANTA, GA 1879 to 1934 The Universalist Church organization took place in 1879 under the leadership of Rev. W. C Bowman., who also started a church paper called The Universalist. In 1880, Rev. D. B. Clayton,

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January 1, 1923 - Listing of Church Services Conducted in Atlanta 1879 to 1923

The table below contains an inventory of Universalists and Unitarian services conducted in Atlanta from 1879 to 1923.  The information was obtained by reviewing newspapers covered in this time span and extract church service information.  This inventory many not be

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May 18, 1916 - Review of Southern Unitarian Expansion by Rev. Chaney – 1916

Some Notes on Unitarian Church Extension in the South By George Leonard Chaney Read at the Southern Conference held in Richmond, VA. Grenfell of Labrador says: “When you set out to commend your gospel to men who don’t particularly want

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January 1, 1902 - Atlanta and Its Builders: A Comprehensive History of the Gate City of the South – 1902

UNITARIAN First Unitarian Church of Atlanta (The Church of Our Father, Unitarian) was organized in the spring of 1883 in an upper room of the old Kimball House by Rev. George Leonard Chaney and ten others. Mr. Chaney had held

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January 12, 1881 - Initial Unitarian Services in Atlanta

The Unitarians started organizational efforts in Atlanta in Jan 1881.  The first evidence of this organizational effort was  an ad placed in the Atlanta papers on Jan 12, 1881  by the Rev. Enoch Powell  announcing the intent of the American

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