Camp and Conference Center Newsletter (November 5, 1979)

Volume 1, number 3                                    November 5, 1979

It’s Officially Ours! ! !

The closing on the Highlands property was Oct. 15. It’s ours! But it’s only a beginning. We still have to raise the money. Let’s get the pledges in and make it REALLY ours.

The Veatch Program has loaned us $100,000 for the down payment. Another $100,000 loan will match pledges in excess of $100,000. (We currently have pledges of over $60,000.) Don’t wait to pledge. Do it now! Your local society fund raiser will be in touch with you soon — or you can contact your cluster leader (see article on Fund Raising, this page). This is your opportunity to “buy a piece of the rock.”


To cover the costs of start-up of the new facility and to help pay off some of the loans, $330,000 is needed. A capital fund drive for three-year pledges is being launched. Organization of the drive is in high gear, district and cluster leaders having been recruited in each of our 104 societies in the Southeast. Enthusiasm abounds!

District and Cluster Leaders

FLORIDA – Dick Boyce, Ft. Lauderdale

  • Northeast – Bob Clabeaux, Deland
  • Northwest – Pam Phelps, Tallahassee
  • Southeast – Howard Lambert, Boca Raton
  • West/Central – Bob Winchester, Clearwater

MID-SOUTH – Ellie Prince, Birminigham, AL

  • Georgia – Rhea Baiad, Atlanta
  • N. Alabama – Robin Scheib, Florence
  • S. Alabama – Sam Camp, Montgomery
  • Gulf Coast – Shiltey Gallagher, Pensacola
  • Mississippi – Pat Cruise, Ellisville

THOMAS JEFFERSON – Sae Male, Manchester, TN

  • E. Virginia – Ed Stephens, Richmond
  • W. Virginia – Bonnie Parker, Charlottesville
  • E. North Carolina – Carol Cox, Greenville
  • Cent. North Carolina – At Faber, Greensboro
  • W. North Carolina – Ben Edwards, Lenoir
  • Mountains – Allie Gooding, Clemson
  • SC/GA – Sue Folk, Columbia


Congratulations to Roger Comstock, Sue Male, and Ben Edwards. They are the new at-large board members for the Camp and Conference Center. Roger will serve a three-year term, Sue a two-year term, and Ben a one-year term, according to the by-laws.

Other board members to date are Bob Winchester of Clearwater representing the Florida District, Don Chery of Athens the Mid-South District, and Margrit Nash of-Atlanta the Summer Institute. The Thomas Jefferson District will choose its board member at its November meeting.

The new board meets for the first time on Nov. 17-18, at which time it will consider appointment of a camp director. It may also fill up to three other board positions.


Fund Raising
Roger and Faith Comstock
979 Springdale Rd., NE, Atlanta GA 30306
Phone 404/373-8320

Most Everything Else
Mo and Larry Wheeler
1120 Gunnison Ct., Clarkston, GA 30021
Phone 404/299-2677

Wonderful Work Weekends

Many thanks to all of you who have participated in the work weekends so far. A great deal has been accomplished: the lodge is spotless (down to the boulder in the basement), several cabins have been cleaned, the tower has been reinforced, the electrical system has been repaired, the craft building and dining hall have been cleaned, and many other odd jobs done.

Special thanks to the Decatur Community and to the 40s/50s club from UUCA (Atlanta). Also to UUCA’s Graham Henderson for his electrical work. The weekend of Oct. 20-21 there were 53 people working together and enjoying the mountain air and spectacular colors.

More work weekends are planned. The Macon fellowship, the Blacksburg fellowship, and the Athens fellowship have already reserved dates this fall. If you would like to plan a work weekend for your congregation, it’s easy. Just call the Wheelers to set a date, then get your group together. It’s a great way to get to know each other better and to meet other UUs from around the Southeast, as well. If you want to come without a group, that’s ok, too.


Over 60 visitors came to see the Camp and Conference Center on Oct. 27-28. All were impressed by the spectacular view and the facility. Fall colors in the area were still beautiful even though leaves had fallen from the trees on top of the mountain.
There will be someone at the camp every weekend in November. Feel free to stop by and see it. If you want to stay, however, please call the Wheelers.


A weekend of work and fun and thanksgiving is planned from Nov. 21-25 for board members and charter life members. We have to limit attendance at this weekend, but hope those of you who are unable to attend this time will make arrangements for another weekend.


for a camp director and a maintenance manager. Full-time. Other summer staff positions you might want to consider: a waterfront director and kitchen and cleaning personnel. Interested? Call Roger Comstock.


We plan to be “open for business” starting in March of 1980, and the schedule is already starting to fill up! Hospice Atlanta, the UUCA Board Retreat, and Couples Enrichment are already scheduled. We have room for 40-60 people on weekends or weekdays. Call Mo or Larry Wheeler to arrange a date.


Two people sounded like a whole choir when singing inside the 20,000-gallon reservoir on top of the mountain. Thanks to Richard Speck and Mark Van Talys of Birmingham for the con-cert…and for cleaning the reservoir. Clean water is on the way!


Youth camp has been tentatively scheduled for the month of July. One or two weeks will be available for those entering grades 4-6 and one or two weeks will be available for those entering grades 7-9.

We are very pleased to have as the co-leaders for the camp Pam Phelps and Janice Machler. Pam runs a school in Tallahassee and directed the Youth Program at SU:SI for six successful years. Jan is a registered nurse and has worked on the older youth program at Summer Institute. More details later!


The-idea of life membership in the Camp and Conference Center has been an appealing one. Although the new board has not formally sanctioned the process, life membership is being offered for a $1000 contribution in cash, or for a pledge of $1200 over a five-year period, with a minimum payment of $200 per year. Don’t forget, it’s all tax-deductible.

Membership entitles the person and his/her family to one vote in the new organization; use of the facilities on a space-available, at-cost basis; avoids payment of annual dues for use of the facilities; gets your name on a plaque in the lodge (for charter life members); and most importantly makes you part of the creative process of making this mountain a real home for UUs in the Southeast.

The names of charter life members to date are listed below. A very special thanks to you all: Without you, this whole project wouldn’t be possible.

Emily Adler, Atlanta, GA
Stanley Bach, Norfolk, VA
Barb & Dick Boyce, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Ronald & Barbara Buck, Norfolk, VA
Rosemary & John Burns, Oak Ridge, TN
Robert Clabeaux, DeLand, FL
Faith & Roger Comstock, Atlanta; GA
John Dunham, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Ben & Shirley Edwards, Lenoir, NC
Jack Gray, Atlanta, GA
Estelle & Bob Greene, Atlanta, GA
Jake Haun, Richmond, VA
Walt & Alicia Hodges, Atlanta, GA
Don & Betty Hostetler, Augusta, SC
Howard Lambent, Boca Raton, FL
Richard Lee, Tallahassee, FL
Margaret Ann Link, Raleigh, NC
Arthur & Myrtle Lockwood, Franklin, NC
Juana Mae & Larry Long, Atlanta, GA
Jan & Ted Machler, Clearwater, FL
Sue & Von Male, Manchester, TN
Von Marshall, Atlanta, GA
Kay Montgomery, Atlanta, GA
Margrit Nash, Atlanta, GA
Walt Pirie, Blacksburg, VA
Pam & John Phelps, Tallahassee, FL
Carole Selvey, Atlanta, GA
Myles & Barbara Smith, Atlanta, GA
Ed Stephens, Richmond, VA
Janet & Bill Upshur, Charleston, VC
Mo & Larry Wheeler, Atlanta, GA
Bob Winchester, Clearwater; FL
Charlie S Arlene Wollmer, Atlanta, GA
Bob S Donna Zurcher, Atlanta, GA

THINGS WE NEED (besides money—)

Radial saw, hang saws, fireplace screens and tools for four fireplaces, extension cords, space heaters, pots and pans, dishes and silverware, long folding tables, chairs, lamps, curtains, large bulletin board, athletic equipment, van, tractor, beds and bedspreads.
If you can help us find any of the items (as donations or at a good price), please write or call the Wheelers.


Lumber from Don Marshall, a car from—Al Lycn, quantity cooking books from Joe Gross, and furniture from John and Nancy Beck. THANK YOU!


so be creative. Send your ideas to the Wheeler’s (or contact them if you need more information.

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