Books by Rev. George Leonard Chaney

Rev. George Leonard Chaney published several books.  Below is a list of books and, when available, URL links to access a copy of a book.

  • Hollis Street Church from Mather Byles to Thomas Starr King, 1732-1861: Two Discourses Given in Hollis Street Meeting-house, Dec. 31, 1876, and Jan. 7, 1877.  Published 1877 provides a history of the Hollis Street Church in Boston.  The Rev. Chaney assumed the pulpit left vacate by the Rev. Starr King.  Rev. Chaney remained as pastor of the the Hollis Street Church from 1862 to 1877.  Click here to access a free version of the book on Google Books.
  • F. Grant & Co., Or, Partnerships: A Story for the Boys who “mean Business”. Published in 1875 <insert summary>.  Click here to access a free version of the book on
  • Tom: A Home Story.  Published in 1877  the book recounts the family life of Tom, Dick and Harry, his three sisters as well as his mother and father. From a contemporary review, “The boys are restless, wide-awake, active little fellows, flu of pranks and plans, but sturdy, manly and above meanness.Tom want to go to see, and his parents are wise enough not to drive him way from home by persistently combatting his desire….”  The review concludes, “The book is one to be safely recommended, and contains enough incident and adventure to make it a very readable book for young people.”  No ebook is available on Google Books.  The book can be purchased on
  • Self-culture, Self-sacrifice and Self-forgetting. Published in 1877, this is not a book, but the publication of address Rev. Chaney provided to the Hudson River Conference on April 10, 1877.  Click here to access a free access to the address that appears on page 531 of The Unitarian Review, Volume 7 Google Books.
  • ALOHA!”: A Hawaiian Salutation.  Published in 1880 the book recount Chaney’s several week experience in Hawaii.  His wife’s family, the Carters, had seafaring business on the islands.  The book is dedicated to his wife’s cousin, “The Honorable and Mrs. H.A.P. Carter”.  Click here to access a free version of the book on Google Books.
  • Every-day Life and Every-day Morals.  Published in  1885 contains a series of Sunday evening lectures delivered by Rev. Chaney.  Per a contemporary review topics include: “Arts and Morals,” “Juvenile Literature and Morals”,” “Industry and Morals,” “Business and Morals,” “The Stage and Morals,” “The Press and Morals,” “The Pulpit and Morals.”  Click here to view a PDF version of the book from Google Books for a free copy of the book.
  • Beliefs. Published in 1889 the book contains eight sermon delivered by the Rev. Chaney while pastor of the Church of our Father in Atlanta. Per a contemporary review “the sermons  “a bright, fair, earnest presentation of the ‘liberal’ Christian’s views of Man, God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Hell, Heaven and the church..” Click here to view a PDF version of the book from Google Books for a free copy of the book.
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