Constance Dierickx


Constance is a devout Unitarian Universalist (irony noted), a pragmatic businessperson and practicing Buddhist. She has been a member of Northwest since 1991 and was previously a member of the UU Congregation in Asheville, North Carolina, where her daughters were dedicated.

Constance has served as Finance Trustee, delivered food for Project Open Hand, sung in the choir, taught Religious Education, provided behind-the-scenes marketing consultation, advised the board, and cooked for many large events. She is a proud survivor of the legendary “snowed in at The Mountain” women’s retreat that created beloved memories of mythological proportions.

Professionally, Constance runs a successful practice as a management consultant specializing in advising executives and business owners on bet-the-company decisions. She holds a PhD in Clinical and Organizational Psychology and was a retail stockbroker in a past life.